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Someone teach my boy how to dance 🤣 #reels
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3 months ago
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4 months ago
Don’t ask if I’m good, if greatness is around me.
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6 months ago
HAPPY BIRTHDAY 2 ME! Damn I’m 25 already?? 🎉 Self reflection and knowing that this world is very temporary. The person I aim to become one day, I hope Allah guides me to better myself each and everyday. Valuing family and genuine friendships is truly what it comes down to. Life will bring you challenges and hardships. In the end of the day if you keep it real with yourself and the people around you, you’ll always win. I know the positive that I put out in the world will come back around to me. I’m here, I’m breathing and I’m 25 years young! 🎉❤️ Glad to be here. Just levelling up
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7 months ago
From the moment I was born, you showed me the way through this world. You taught me to see beauty in everything. I will move mountains to see you smile ❤️ THIS ONE IS FOR YOU 👨‍🎓
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7 months ago
Nothing beats the ORIGINAL! 😤 Tag your squad! #reels
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7 months ago
From Jaan to straight Jaanwar…. 🥹 Tag someone who can relate.
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8 months ago
To this day I still feel like this… 😭 Tag someone who can relate 😂 #reels #roohnaqvi
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8 months ago
Even Disney knows how fire my Pixar 😎 . . 📸: @fahimfarid1
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8 months ago
It sometimes be like that… 🤷🏻‍♂️ TAG SOMEONE WHO CAN RELATE😂 #reels
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9 months ago
They grow up so fast 🥲 you’ll always be a baby to me Mariam! ❤️
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9 months ago
Shaytan and his minions when Ramadan is over 😂👹 #reels #eidmubarak
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9 months ago