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✞=♡ 📍 Australia wifey of @jonasxjay 👫 Find joy in the journey 🏝️☀️ ✉️ hello@vidadelisa.com
Quick getting ready…🩵 The weather hasn’t been that good the last couple of days…🌬️🌧️ cozy weather but I still wanna get ready…🌸 #vanlife #hairstyle #gettingready
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8 hours ago
This dog came out of nowhere with his ball to us and wanted to play!! So so cute!! Maybe when we sattle one day we‘ll get a dog…🥹🐶 #australia #vanlife #cutesdog
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1 day ago
Getting ready for date night…🩵 I’m definitely in a season where I’m finding myself again… it’s so nice to have so much time to think about different topics…💭 What does Beauty mean to me… how do I want to be beautiful? I love that verse: STRENGTH AND HONOR ARE HER CLOTHING, AND SHE CAN LAUGH AT THE DAYS TO COME. - PROVERBS 31:25 CHARM IS DECEPTIVE AND BEAUTY IS FLEETING… - PROVERBS 31:30 Don’t get me wrong… I love to put Make up on… get dressed up…style my hair BUT I wanna be aware of what to wear and wanna shine from the inside. ☀️ I wanna be aware of what words I’m using and about how I talk about others… I wanna be a positive influence to other people and myself…🫂 What are your thoughts?✨
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3 days ago
8 month today…💍🫂 #bestdesicion
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4 days ago
Nights like this…🥹🌅🤍 #vanlife #australia #thankful
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5 days ago
Artist = GOD 🌅 What a dream!🥹 We just got to the 12 Apostels yesterday and wanted to watch the sunset… when we got there it looked so cloudy so that we never thought this sunset would turn out like this! Never seen such an amazing sunset!🥹🩵🩷 #12apostles #sunset #thankful
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6 days ago
So thankful for our home 🚐🥹 Can’t get over all the painted skies we can enjoy here…🌅 #seeaustralia #australia #vanlife #sunset
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8 days ago
#werbung Why we love @southaustralia ? See for yourself…🧡 Looking back at the few weeks we’ve already could enjoy here is just amazing! We saw so much already and can’t wait to see more of @australia 🥹🫂 We just uploaded a new YouTube video of a lot of things we already experienced here…☀️ What would you love to see in Australia?🤗 #seeaustralia #seesouthaustralia #australia #travel
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11 days ago
feels so good to be skating again… need to get there again tho!🛹🙈 I always say I had a loooonnggg winter break and now it’s winter in Germany again… well that’s why we’re in Australia…😅
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12 days ago
What a morning… we love this life. 🚐🏄🏼🥰
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13 days ago
pure Happiness & Thankfulness 🫂
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14 days ago
not edited… just Gods beauty 🥹
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14 days ago