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"Women, with their intuitive instinct, understood that I dreamed not only of making them more beautiful, but happier too." Christian Dior
Rounding out our coverage surrounding the unveiling of the #DiorCouture Spring-Summer 2023 collection by @MariaGraziaChiuri , we sign off with the front-and-center placement of extravagant embroideries and fabrics. The burnished brilliance of gold cloqué is translated through tailoring, and from a wrinkled radzimir bustier and wrap skirt to a fringe-hemmed frock drenched in hammered metal sequins, shine and shimmer produce instant eye-catching impact. It is the perfect bridge between the inspiring spell cast by Joséphine Baker and the spirit of Monsieur Dior that continues to shape the House’s identity and destiny. © Photo: @LauraSciacovelli    All scenographic artworks by @MickaleneThomas , with embroidery by @Chanakya.In and @Chanakya.School
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Exalting the exemplary preeminence of the #DiorSavoirFaire that makes it possible, a look at three #DiorCouture Spring-Summer 2023 outfits by @MariaGraziaChiuri illustrates how the preciousness and gorgeousness of gold illuminating the collection was an integral element of many pieces. Attention-grabbing and dense with floral decoration, here, a warp-print jacquard weave fabric glistening with golden threads is cut into a coat and dress without any additional embellishment, their splendor balanced by the muted hue of a shantung trouser suit. © Photo: @LauraSciacovelli    All scenographic artworks by @MickaleneThomas , with embroidery by @Chanakya.In and @Chanakya.School
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The spotlights that shone on the sensational public persona of the African-American performer and activist Joséphine Baker was a leitmotif of many of the looks of #DiorCouture Spring-Summer 2023 by @MariaGraziaChiuri , the collection she inspired. That influence came through most clearly in the animated beaded fringe and the little top and shorts in 1920s rhinestone geometries. An evening ensemble with the ease of pajamas corresponds to a gently crushed velvet coat, an evocation of a dressing room robe. © Photo: @LauraSciacovelli    All scenographic artworks by @MickaleneThomas , with embroidery by @Chanakya.In and @Chanakya.School
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Spend some time with House friend and actress @RachelZegler in Paris, where she was getting ready to attend last Monday’s unveiling of the #DiorCouture Spring-Summer 2023 collection by @MariaGraziaChiuri . From getting dressed and made up to signing autographs and attending the show, with some self-taught French lessons in between, she fit a lot into a few hours! Find the full video on our YouTube channel. © Photo: @Pierre__Mouton
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The multimedia artist @MickaleneThomas relates the deeply personal motivations behind the works she created as scenographic installations for the unveiling of the #DiorCouture Spring-Summer 2023 collection by @MariaGraziaChiuri . The reworked images of 13 inspirational women of color - including Joséphine Baker - were printed on textiles that were then embroidered in India by the regular House collaborators @Chanakya.In and @Chanakya.School . The full-length video is coming soon to our YouTube channel. © Video: @MelindaTriana All scenographic artworks by Mickalene Thomas, with embroidery by Chanakya International and Chanakya School of Craft.
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Boasting a sensational lineup of #StarsinDior - including @Sooyaaa__ , @AnyaTaylorJoy , Elizabeth Debicki, @MsPike , @KirstenDunst , @YaraShahidi , @RachelZegler and @ChiaraFerragni - discover what some of our special guests had to say about their experience at the #DiorCouture Spring-Summer 2023 show by @MariaGraziaChiuri .  © Video: @Dnl.Darmon All scenographic artworks by @MickaleneThomas , with embroidery by @Chanakya.In and @Chanakya.School
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A regular House collaborator and the embellisher of the show&#039 ;s scenography, Chanakya.In brought its embroidery expertise to the #DiorCouture Spring-Summer 2023 collection by @MariaGraziaChiuri . On looks visually vibrating under the runway lights, the spirit of Joséphine Baker was channeled through the painstaking #DiorSavoirFaire of a dégradé of hammered metal sequins along with rhinestones set in scintillating geometries.  © Video: @MelindaTriana
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In an allusion to the life lived in clothes, and to the sensational stage costumes of the inspirational Joséphine Baker, the petites mains in the atelier flou transformed the glossy perfection of lamé and peau de soie fabrics with tiny creases and crinkles before cutting and draping them into irresistible #DiorCouture Spring-Summer 2023 eveningwear by @MariaGraziaChiuri . © Sophie Carre
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As a key influence of #DiorCouture Spring-Summer 2023 by @MariaGraziaChiuri , intimate expressions of Joséphine Baker&#039 ;s private life coursed through the collection&#039 ;s runway presentation. Prevalent as a component of many looks was the silk underwear that was specially produced by @Cadolle_Official , the esteemed Paris underwear atelier. #DiorSavoirFaire  © Video: @MelindaTriana
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Daywear, in which tailoring and dressmaking techniques combine, is fertile ground for showing off #DiorSavoirFaire . In the realization of the #DiorCouture Spring-Summer 2023 collection by @MariaGraziaChiuri , the ateliers pulled out all the stops with, for example, a double-pleated ecru shantung dress, a jacket falling into a flaring pleat peplum, neat gray cloqué and a shawl-collar coat in herringbone cashmere. © Sophie Carre
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While its puff sleeves give it an appearance of airy lightness, there&#039 ;s nothing cavalier about the creation of this #DiorCouture Spring-Summer 2023 see-through jacket by @MariaGraziaChiuri . Exemplifying #DiorSavoirFaire , discover how bias satin tubes are mounted into an embroidered lattice by @AtelierPalomaParis , the grid meticulously constructed to fit and flare flawlessly. © Video: @MelindaTriana Atelier Paloma in association with the #AtelierPaloma material @Le19M
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The strong ripple of gold running through the #DiorCouture Spring-Summer 2023 collection by @MariaGraziaChiuri manifests itself in diverse variations on #DiorSavoirFaire . There&#039 ;s the floral warp-print jacquard weave scissored into a dress and coat, the cloqué tailoring, and the beaded fringe that swishes and swirls with the wearer&#039 ;s every movement. © Sophie Carre
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