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"Women, with their intuitive instinct, understood that I dreamed not only of making them more beautiful, but happier too." Christian Dior
Keeping to classic color choices, the arrivals carpet at Tuesday afternoon&#039 ;s #DiorSS24 show witnessed the front-row star wattage provided by House friends Jennifer Lawrence, @Yuuuuukko_ , @ChiaraFerragni , @NataSupernova , @D.Casseluxxi and @JainMusic , all there to check out the new collection by @MariaGraziaChiuri . #StarsinDior
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Discover more of the #StarsinDior at Tuesday’s #DiorSS24 by @MariaGraziaChiuri show in Paris, with our newly announced ambassador for fashion and jewelry in Thailand @Tontawan , along with musical artist @Rosalia.VT wearing a look from the runway collection, #DiorJoaillerie ambassador Elizabeth Debicki, @YaraShahidi and @Lola.Tung .
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4 hours ago
Actor @JosephQuinn and Dior brand ambassador in China @KkkWang2 broadened the scope of the already awesome array of #StarsinDior attending Tuesday afternoon’s unveiling of the #DiorSS24 collection by @MariaGraziaChiuri in Paris.
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House ambassadors in Thailand, actors @MilePhakphum and @Nnattawin energized the expectant attendees upon their arrival for the unveiling of the #DiorSS24 collection by @MariaGraziaChiuri in Paris. #StarsinDior
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8 hours ago
House ambassador and renowned actor alike, Robert Pattinson was a notable addition to the international plethora of #StarsinDior who made their way through Paris’s Jardin des Tuileries for Tuesday’s unveiling of the #DiorSS24 collection by @MariaGraziaChiuri .
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10 hours ago
Turning out for the #DiorSS24 by @MariaGraziaChiuri show in Paris on Tuesday were #DiorJoaillerie ambassador @JennaOrtega and House ambassador @AstreaFilms , joined by @Thuso.Mbedu , @RazaneJammal and @Chiara_Parravicini . #StarsinDior
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12 hours ago
Sample some of the #StarsinDior discovering the #DiorSS24 collection by @MariaGraziaChiuri show in Paris, with @AnyaTaylorJoy , our global fashion and beauty ambassador, followed by our Dior brand ambassador in China @Dilrabaxx63 . Also embodying expressions of Dior elegance are House friends and actresses @RachelZegler , @AlyciaJasmin and Camille Cottin.
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13 hours ago
Perpetually among the most anticipated #StarsinDior , @Sooyaaa__ , our global ambassador for fashion and beauty, aced her arrivals look at the recently ended #DiorSS24 show in Paris, wearing a double-breasted tailored dress from the newly-unveiled collection by @MariaGraziaChiuri .
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15 hours ago
The #DiorSS24 show is about to start! In these final moments, get some insight into the scenographic video installation, &#039 ;NOT HER&#039 ;, courtesy of the artist @Ele.Bellantoni_Studio . And enjoy discovering the new collection by @MariaGraziaChuiri ! © Video: @MelindaTriana Photo: Sophie Carre Elena Bellantoni, NOT HER, digital installation, 2023
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21 hours ago
The final countdown has begun to the #DiorSS24 show by @MariaGraziaChiuri , streaming live at 3pm CEST today on Instagram and Dior.com! In the meantime, learn about the inspirational legacy of superstition in the House’s history, including Monsieur Dior’s trusted clairvoyant, Madame Delahaye. © Video: @MelindaTriana Photo: Sophie Carre © All rights reserved ; © Collection Dior Héritage, Paris ; © France Dimanche/CMI Media ; © Tom Kublin ; © Veritone/BBC – CBS Archive ; © Association Willy Maywald/ADAGP, Paris, 2023
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Mark your calendars for the #DiorSS24 show, live from Paris on Tuesday, September 26 at 3pm CEST on Instagram and Dior.com. Here, in a hint at the primary theme of the collection by @MariaGraziaChiuri , the anthropologist @Michela.Zucca.Sherwood , author of ‘Donne Delinquenti’, discusses the evolution of the etymology for defining wise women with a rebellious spirit. © Video: @MelindaTriana   Photo: @EugenioIntini
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Refreshing the cherished House code, @MariaGraziaChiuri presents the toile de Jouy collection in a new burgundy colourway. The print lays on various @DiorMaison creations in Limoges porcelain, all in ode to the art of entertaining dear to Dior. © Mathilde Hiley
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2 days ago