Show Your Colors. #CASETiFY Find our latest collaborations at @casetify_colab Re/CLAIM. Re/IMAGINE. Re/CASETiFY ♻️🌎
At CASETiFY, we empower you to express your individuality and Create with Pride. In honor of Pride month, the Pride Case is back and the Pride family will be refreshed with Bounce, Apple Watch, and iPad cases, available throughout the year to rep your pride. To show our support, CASETiFY will be donating $5 USD from every Pride Case sold to The Laurel Foundation @thelaurelfdn through the end of July. Let’s Create with Pride. #Pride #pride🌈 #PrideMonth
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The wait is over, The Powerpuff Girls x CASETiFY is LIVE! 💖 Find your inner superhero with inspiration from the original ambassador of girl power! #PowerpuffGirlsxCASETiFY
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Re/CLAIM Re/IMAGINE Re/CASETiFY From 100 recycled cases to a statement handbag, New York based artist @nikbentel took our old phone cases and turned them into a covetable fashion accessory. Discover Nik’s story and inspiration at link in bio #ReCASETiFY
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Re/CASETiFY ART Creative transformations by artists around the globe. Now on exhibit in select CASETiFY STUDiOs worldwide. Bring in ANY used phone cases to our stores and watch them become art. As a token of appreciation, enjoy 15% off your next order in support of our planet. #ReCASETiFY Learn more: link in bio
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Re/CLAIM Re/IMAGINE Re/CASETiFY We reimagine recycling with artists and dreamers like you in mind, so we challenged 3 artists around the world to make magic out of recycled phone cases. Re/IMAGINE more at link in bio #ReCASETiFY
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Keep your hands free while you’re conquering the campus. With the new Metal Heart Cross-body Strap featuring a heart-shaped stopper for easy adjusting, you can now catch up with the professors, ace your GPAs and crush those academic (and social!) goals hassle-free, and in style.
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The Re/CASETiFY Handbag coming soon! Here is a little teaser. Made in collaboration with @casetify ! #ReCASETiFY
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Re/CASETiFY in bold bright colorways. Show your colors, make sustainable choice while keeping your style in check. #ReCASETiFY
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The Flexi Band in microscopic level - Re/CASETiFY™ Pellets 🔍 Know your material, the Flexi Band is created with Re/CASETiFY™ Pellets, a revolutionary material made from recycled phone cases, without compromising performance and durability. #ReCASETiFY
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Re/CASETiFY is recognized as a world-changing idea by @fastcompany . We push towards a carbon-neutral future and continuously improve the system of tech accessories consumption and production cycle and finally created products that are sustainable and even more protective than the conventional cases. Now accessible to everyone around the world. #ReCASETiFY
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You’ve helped to make the planet greener with every single case. We’ve joined forces with @earthdaynetwork since 2020 and participate in their Canopy Project — for every compostable case and reusable water bottle sold, we plant one tree. 3 Years later, we planted over 394,000 trees. That’s enough to offset 19 million pounds of carbon each year - equivalent to keeping 250 cars off American roads for a full 12 months. #CASETiFY #ReCASETiFY
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The industry has to change and someone has to take the lead. There’s no one better to lead the change but you, and we’re here to help. With Re/CASETiFY™, we can build toward a greener future - one where durable products don’t come at the cost of contributing to single-use plastic consumption. Find out how we RE/CLAIM. RE/IMAGINE. RE/CASETiFY at link in bio. #ReCASETiFY
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