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We create bio-fermented, nutrient-rich, probiotic formulas for gut health, glowing skin and wellbeing. Founded in Bondi in 2009 by Carla Oates. ✨
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We’re so obsessed with fermentation that we built our very own state-of-the-art fermentation plant where we work with a team of microbiologists and scientists to ferment our inner beauty formulas. But what exactly is the benefit of having our own manufacturing plant? We’re so glad you asked... —it allows our formulas to reach peak potency —ensures greater quality control at every step —a more sustainable process as it reduces waste
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A new age in wellness is here! Introducing SUPERGENES™—a next generation capsule range of intensive herbal probiotics for a healthier, happier, more super you. After years (and years!) of formulating with our team of microbiologists, scientists, nutritionists and naturopaths, we’re so excited to launch five(!) potent, probiotic formulas to help you unlock your health potential. Each with hand selected evidence-based herbs, nutrients and The Beauty Chef exclusive GUT5Y™ probiotic strains. The strains have been chosen to improve the bioavailability and benefits of each specific formula. Say hello to… HEALTHY HAIR & NAILS With saw palmetto, iodine derived from kelp, biotin, silica & GUT5Y-4™ to support hair thickness, hair growth and healthy nails. STRESS & ANXIETY RELIEF With clinically studied Affron™, ashwagandha, B vitamins & GUT5Y-2™ to promote inner calm, general mental wellbeing and assist with mood balance, nervous tension, stress and mild anxiety. SLEEP SUPPORT With lemon balm, passionflower, California poppy, lavender, chamomile & GUT5Y-1™ to induce deep, restorative sleep and relieve restless nights. MENOPAUSAL BALANCE With sage, hops, schisandra & GUT5Y-5 to relieve feelings of nervous energy, stress and hot flushes—supporting your wellbeing through peri-menopause and menopause. PMS SUPPORT With chasteberry, dong quai, rosemary & GUT5Y-3™ to relieve symptoms of PMS including breast tenderness, pain and menstrual irregularity. Explore the range at the link in bio! ✨ Please note: The Beauty Chef SUPERGENES™ are listed medicines. ALWAYS READ THE LABEL AND FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS FOR USE.
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Learn how to understand and support your skin and wellbeing from the inside out with a personalised expert consultation with our resident Nutritionist, Latoya Cruz, this Saturday 11th February hosted at . Booking can be made via the Lume website. Link in bio ✨
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Run, don’t walk! Only a few @sundayriley Jewel Box Kits left. Our gift to you on all orders over $149. Available until stock lasts. Valued at RRP $72. Sunday Riley is available exclusively at @meccabeauty
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#MONDAYAFFIRMATIONS Small, consistent actions = big results. What small action can you take today to help your future self? Perhaps it’s one teaspoon of GLOW, reading for 15 minutes, or opting to cook dinner at home rather than ordering in.
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Our gift to you 🎁 We’ve teamed up with @sundayriley to offer The Beauty Chef AU customers a complimentary Sunday Riley Jewel Box Kit (valued at RRP $72) on all orders over $149. This trio of travel-sized treatments help create smoother, brighter, and more even-looking skin. Pair with your favourite inner beauty formulas for a glow like no other. ✨ Available until stock lasts. Sunday Riley is available exclusively at @meccabeauty .
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Confused about gut health? We like to use the analogy of a garden 🌸 When the soil is healthy and nutritionally-balanced, plants are able to thrive and flourish. And the same is true for our gut—when we tend to it gently, constantly nourishing it with nutrient-dense wholefoods and beneficial bacteria, we experience optimal health and glowing skin! Thankfully, taking care of your gut garden isn&#039 ;t complicated. By eating a wide variety of plant-foods, taking your Beauty Chef products daily, sleeping well and stressing less, you&#039 ;ll provide the perfect growing conditions for an abundance of beautiful, beneficial and gut-loving bacteria! 🌷 ✨ This beautiful work is by @teaaalexis .
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On Friday’s we like our GLOW® shaken not stirred 🍸✨ One teaspoon a day is all it takes for healthy glowing skin, hair and nails as well as improved gut health, energy and immunity. #TheGlowEffect
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50 and glowing ✨ Wishing our founder, CEO, gut-health enthusiast and karaoke lover, Carla Oates, a very happy 50th birthday today. 💘
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Hear what our customers are saying about HYDRATION 💦 Now with bio-fermented hyaluronic acid, this replenishing formula hydrates skin from within for a radiant, juicy complexion.
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Gym bunnies, listen up. Studies show that consuming protein before you hit the gym can help to improve your physical performance and support recovery. To whip up an easy protein-packed breakfast or snack, add a scoop of BODY Inner Beauty Support to 200g of natural yoghurt and stir to combine. Want to give your skin and gut a boost? Add a teaspoon of GLOW® Inner Beauty Essential. Simple as that. Save 20% on GLOW® and BODY in our Veganuary Sale on now.
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Want to make 2023 the year to get on top of your skin and gut health goals? Get glowing with our hero-product: GLOW®. This berry-flavoured powder is a cult favourite for a reason and is the one product we think everyone should be taking. (Yes, even you.) Experience #TheGlowEffect for yourself and join one million people who have improved their skin health, gut health, energy and wellbeing with one teaspoon a day. Save 20% on GLOW® in our Veganuary Sale on now.
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