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Jayde Moon


You’re easy to love. @countylineflorals
It’s (not) easy being green. 💚 📸 @claytonhawkins
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My parents met & married in 4 months. Their meet cute is a huge part of my childhood. Grateful for their love story & their lives. And my life as a result of their love. We lost my dad 12 years ago & today would have been their 45 year anniversary. Sending love to my mother today & all those who dance with anniversaries, milestones, memories, remembering, celebrating, being a human & choosing life in the face of loss, pain & grief. Like the waves…🌊.
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G.O.A.T hug in my @godstruecashmere plaid. The detail of the emarald green, gemstone snaps along the chakra points takes it to another level for me. Intentional wear for self care ;) 🐐🐐🍀.
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I love this human 🫶🏽 @rodrickcovington is a soul brother who I’ve known 25 years. He’s not just a trainer… he’s a creative + purpose doula who happens to train the body. His method is fitness of the spirit & mind & the body will follow. He’s a heart opener. And you will never feel more seen, loved & supported. He created @corerhythmfitness in #NYC & has started coming out to #LA & I’m so grateful to get him when I can! xx AS
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Happy Meet Cute-aversary! 💕 Then <> Now. @nasimpedrad @paulwhausergram 📸 @justbish & 🙋🏻‍♀️
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Learning to parallel ski on a blue when I’ve only ever been a green gal is called growth. With a good & patient instructor. ;) And the ski patrol near in case I could no longer ski: with pleasure. I learned to “really” ski in #Chamonix ⛷️
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We fell in love with #Verbier 💕 Make sure you dine at @marlenazverbier Incredible views, great food and worth “the climb” 🏔️
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Night before… #Oscars 💚. 📸 @claytonhawkins #mptf
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Won’t you « Aiguille du Midi » with me? #Chamonix 📍
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What’s your fave red carpet hair & make up lewk!? 1 - 10. Lmk👇💃🏻! 👄xx AS
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