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One of the craziest things I saw in Japan was the dramatic mochi pounding process in this mochi shop in Nara 🇯🇵 As a mochi fanatic, I was blown away by the experience from witnessing to eating! Add this shop to your list for your future trip to Japan!
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17 hours ago
How to have one of Kyoto’s most popular nature spots all to yourself! 🎋 The Arashiyama Bamboo Forest consists of pathways lined with endless rows of towering bamboo. Due to its popularity, the sight has become overcrowded even at the earliest of times, which sadly took away from the serene experience we were hoping for once we arrived. However the trick is to hire a rickshaw guide (which can be found on the streets of Arashiyama), who can take you through a private passageway through the Bamboo Forest. This way you get to soak in the beauty of your surroundings, whilst contributing to the local economy. Plus the guides speak great English and are all a lot of fun! Save this post for your future trip to Japan! 🇯🇵
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2 days ago
Would you eat cake in a can from a vending machine?! Tokyo is known to have some weird and wonderful vending machines but this was definitely one of my favourites. With a variety of soft and creamy cakes, including strawberry shortcake - one of Japan’s staple desserts, we knew we had to try this! 🍰
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4 days ago
A day in Asakusa, Tokyo 🇯🇵 An area that still preserves the vibe of older Tokyo, with its traditional craft shops, street-food stalls and ancient Sensō-ji temple, Asakusa is truly one of the most beautiful and traditional parts of the city.
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6 days ago
Getting served by robots in this futuristic cafe in Tokyo! A place which champions inclusivity, these robots are controlled remotely by people with disabilities who can’t physically come in to work but want to stay connected to society. I loved the concept and had such lovely conversations with some of the employees, who could all speak English! Add this unique cafe to your Tokyo bucket list! 🇯🇵
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10 days ago
There is nothing quite like Tokyo by night. With its hypnotising neon lights, smokey alleys filled with izakayas and bustling streets, Tokyo comes even more alive when the sun goes down.
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11 days ago
Night time walks in Tokyo
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14 days ago
A Positano hotel with never-ending sea views 💙 @marincanto_romantichotel
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19 days ago
Staying in a luxury machiya in the heart of Kyoto 🇯🇵 @maanahomes is a boutique collection of lovingly restored machiyas, which maintain their traditional Japanese aesthetics whilst giving them a touch of contemporary coolness. A design lover’s dream, add this stay to your Japan bucket list!
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21 days ago
Bringing Mario Kart to life on the streets of Tokyo! 🇯🇵 Getting to kart around Tokyo is a must when visiting Japan! Highly recommend booking this experience during or after sunset because there’s nothing quite like Tokyo’s night lights. Save this post for your future trip to Japan!
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22 days ago
The best view of Tokyo 🇯🇵 A 360° open-air observation deck, Shibuya Sky is a bucket list experience when visiting Japan. With panoramic views over Tokyo, I recommend booking your tickets for a time slot before sunset so you get to experience the city at both day and night. It feels so good to be back in the motherland - can’t wait to show you all my favourite local gems in Japan over the next month 🧡
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27 days ago
Is this the best view of Portofino? 🇮🇹 This isn’t a hotel or secret spot! This is Castello Brown; a historical house museum located high above Portofino’a harbour. With entry at only €5 and boasting some of the best views in Portofino, this place is a must-visit during your trip to Liguria.
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1 month ago