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We detoxify your body, revitalize your mind, and restore your spirit in an intimate desert oasis. 💧 Reservation inquiries online and by phone.
Curious about fasting? 💧🧘 See how it changed the lives of two remarkable women, and join us every week for Fasting Forward. Susana and our team of healers invite you to fast with us, one day a week, while we discuss trending topics in the world of holistic wellness. You’ll get exclusive discounts, recipes, and the support you need to cleanse from home 🤍
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1 year ago
Our chakras are charged, and we’re ready for the weekend! 💎🌈 . . . . . #happy #healthy #selfcare #balance #spa #gratitude #wellness #wellbeing #selflove #light #mindful #mindfulness #mindbodysoul #breathe #reflect #relax #restore #health #retreat #instagood #healthretreat #wellnessretreat #travel #spagetaway #wecarespa
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Our oasis in the desert 🌵🌴 A change of scenery can have a dramatic impact on your state of mind, preparing you for the important work done at We Care. For many, our home between Joshua Tree National Park and the San Jacinto Mountains is a landscape unlike one they’ve ever seen. The experience creates a sense of exploration and serenity, far away from the commotion of the world beyond. . . . . . #happy #healthy #selfcare #balance #spa #gratitude #wellness #wellbeing #selflove #light #mindful #mindfulness #mindbodysoul #breathe #reflect #relax #restore #health #retreat #healthretreat #wellnessretreat #travel #spagetaway #wecarespa
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1 year ago
Spring in the desert, before the first hints of summer 🌺
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8 days ago
A legacy of healthy living 🕊️ Celebrating the moms, the grandmothers, the sisters and aunts. Thank you for your grace, wisdom, beauty, and strength.
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19 days ago
Mom, aunt, grandmother, sister, nana, mother-in-law. These women create the most important and lasting moments in our lives. Together, you can build a legacy of whole health that will last generations more. Give her the gift of a single day, weekend, or weeklong retreat to let her know that her health and wellbeing is your greatest wish. Gift certificates are still available, call and reserve your journey together.
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29 days ago
This incredible and vibrant Earth is the only home we have 🌎🌱 From the snow capped mountains to the sun drenched deserts, the majesty of this planet inspires awe in all of us. But her future has never been more dire. Even in our oasis, a miracle in its own right, Spring comes earlier, Summers are hotter, and Winter rains become more intense. This #EarthDay let’s all acknowledge the many gifts our planet has given us, and the many gifts we still owe her. For every small step we make on our own, we must ask our friends and neighbors to do the same and join them hand-in-hand. Let’s show the world that We Care 🪺🌏
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1 month ago
Serenity within 🌴🌿 Amid the vastness of the dry desert this oasis is a powerful reminder that life can flourish in any environment, you need only to manifest the change you wish to see. 📸: @christinawestley
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2 months ago
All things balanced and equal 🌓🪷 As the earth awakens from its winter slumber, we invite you to join us in embracing the renewal of Spring. Today, daylight and night are equal in length. Take a moment to appreciate the balance of light and darkness, and to welcome the longer days ahead.
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2 months ago
Closing out a beautiful week @wecarespaca 🕊️Grateful for everyone that made my 2nd stay what it was & my community of friends who engaged in all things wellness with me online as I shared the journey. It’s like once you become grounded in your true interests & priorities, the right energies will find you.
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2 months ago
From sand to snow, and every element in-between. 🌼🏔️
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2 months ago
Sacred ceremony 🔥🪶 Be part of an ancient ritual that uses the element of fire to release the habits and behaviors that do not serve you. The weekly Fire Ceremony at We Care Spa serves as a meaningful way to stand in your own truth and declare your intentions. This class starts with a guided meditation for centering. Then, gather around as our healer begins clearing the space around the fire with a drum. You’ll have written intentions released into the world as they burn, and feel the gravity of pressures melt away.
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3 months ago