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I’m sure like a lot of you… Ever since I was a little kid, if you told me not to do sumthin’— well you know the rest… 😈🎅🏾 Corporate exec: “Hey Rock can you sign 5 Christmas boxes for our big @ZOAEnergy Dwanta’s Holiday Punch giveaway” Me “Sure” Exec: “And please don’t write anything inappropriate” Me “You got it” Hold my tequila… Love, Dwanta 🎅🏾😈 🥃 #merryfxxkingchristmas #zoa * link in bio☝🏾
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We created the “League of Opportunity” in our 2023 season of the @XFL 🏈 Creating a hungry culture for players to grab their opportunity and never let go. I never made it to the @NFL but seeing our players ball out and sign NFL contracts this season was a very cool and very humbling “life comes full circle” moment for me as XFL owner. Our merger has been approved by the Department of Justice — and now we all continue to work hard to create even greater opportunities for players, coaches & staffs in our 2024 season this spring. Let’s get some. Let’s work. #xfl #usfl #owner #2024
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Perspective shift that’s helped me this year. We don’t HAVE to do anything. But we can GET to do everything. Big psychological shift that recalibrates our actions. “we get to” all becomes a benefit & blessing (even if it sucks;) Enjoy your weekend, my friends #saturday #ip🎄🎅🏾
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My full speech receiving the Inspiration Award. Maybe there’s some takeaway value from my experiences that may help anyone watching. If you’re lucky enough to become successful at something- go build more mountain and bring everyone with you. Stand up for what you believe in Don’t take no shit And always keep giving back This one’s for you Soulman, thanks for paving the way 🕊️✊🏾 #InspirationAward
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I’m always shook when the universe makes powerful stuff like this happen ✨ I was honored with the “Inspiration Award” at the @thegrio awards in a room full of icons as we celebrated and honored black excellence. 5 minutes before I took the stage I turned to my publicist and said “I’m gonna dedicate this award to my dad - he paved the way for me and all of us” I took the stage and dedicated my award to my pops, the “Soulman” Rocky Johnson. Here’s the crazy part 👇🏾🤯 As I was getting in my pick up truck, a man who was working the event, came up to me with two incredible vintage wrestling posters that featured my dad, and my grandpa, High Chief Peter Maivia and my wrestling mentor, Pat Patterson. All three father figure influences in my life who have all now passed away. Keep in mind, I made the decision to dedicate the award to my dad just minutes before I walked on stage, so no one knew. It was all meant to be. Reminder to stay grateful, humble & hungry. A mana filled night I’ll never forget. 🛻🤵🏽‍♂️🤟🏾✨ ps - appreciate the kind words @99fabiancortez thank you for the posters and good to shake your hand brother.
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Mana is all around us. No matter what color we are or where we come from. Its real. And if you really pay attention to it and embrace it… it becomes our shared superpower - all of us. It’s a force that disrupts the world in the most positive and electric way. #mana⚡️
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It’s true - “I’m pulling it out” are words I never say, what do ya want from me? Brotha’s keepin’ it real 💁🏽‍♂️😂   My favorite part is you can hear my lead publicist say “Jesus Chriiist” off camera 🤦🏽‍♀️🤣   Life’s short, let’s have fun 😂😈   Take 2 🎬 💀 @acorns #mightyoakcard * link in bio ☝🏾 

Dwayne Johnson is a director of Acorns Labs, LLC.
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We’re getting there 🎶 🎹 😂 We did sing other songs too but got stuck on “just the way you are” cos we (me) kept screwing up the lyrics. I gets a few @teremana ’s in me and start making up my own lyrics 🤣🥃 Some real musical talent and amazing voices here with @ericzayne & @laurenhashianofficial ! Happy thanksgiving weekend, my friends 🥃
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Don’t miss TONIGHT on CBS! Grateful to have been honored at tonight’s @theGrio Awards with the “Inspiration Award” Real privilege for me to share the night with these icons as we celebrate black excellence. Illuminating our leaders of color. Join the celebration TONIGHT at 8pm ET, on @CBStv and streaming live on @ParamountPlus . A special acknowledgement of my friend @realbyronallen who continues to raise the bar and redefine what success can be.
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A lil’ Thanksgiving tickling of the ivory’s 🎹 🎶 with the two beautiful voices and talents of @laurenhashianofficial & @ericzayne and me just making up lyrics to an all time classic 🥰🙋🏽‍♂️ @billyjoel 🐐
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Mentality shift from “I got to” to “I GET to” We get to work our assess off We get to take care of & protect our families We get to create opportunities for ourselves & others We get to look people in the eyes & shake their hands. We get to be kind We get to be nice We get to be authentic We get to live free We get to lift people up We even get to say “fuck this” when we’ve had enough The “get to” do something is a privilege Gratitude always calibrates the strongest. Happy Thanksgiving 🦃 to you and your families. Luv U and appreciate you Grateful to all of you Have some fun today ~ dj
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Rules are rules ✔️ Whoever drops cuss words in the Johnson household, must suffer the consequences of a nasty soaped up sponge in the mouth 🧼 🧽 Not surprisingly, the guilty one always happens to be Dwanta Claus 🎅🏾🤣🥃
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