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221125 DPR Regime World Tour 2022 -TOKYO- ~ post-concert depression ~ It made me SO emotional that the concert opened up with the track "just dream it" which is also the track used in their promotional video for Nike - and that&#039 ;s how I discovered them in high school. I have been moving around so I couldn&#039 ;t attend their concert until now but it was worth the 4+ years wait!! Thank you for being my inspirations, thank you for being my serotonin, thank you for being you guys. Concerts will never be the same after this... :( DPR WE GANG GANG 🌈💞 @dpr_official @dprlive @dprian @dprcream @dprrem @jimmycline_ @joonyongan @articxox @jawnsown
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3 months ago
photo dump of my hectic three months
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4 months ago
JIN & JULES | Hulu Japan ----- Otsukaresama deshita 🎬 American Psycho reference in EP05 and Stand By Me reference in EP03 lol 👀
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7 months ago
I rarely get photos taken but when I do it&#039 ;s never normal ones lol ...oh I wish I could go back to this time 🙃 cr: @riina_nin
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2 years ago and this year #2
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9 months ago
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2 years ago and this year
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user not found 🥲
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