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“Yo Rich! What is this appointment setting thing you keep talking about? I don’t get it.” I’ve seen a ton of people ask me this in the DMs so I thought I’d address it. Let me break down what setting is lickety-split: 1) Almost every coach / course creator / online educator you see on Instagram, FB, or Youtube who teaches people how to get better results in: - Productivity - Losing weight - Dating - Finding life purpose - Playing guitar etc. They ALL sell their products on the phone. Which means… 2) They need phone calls every day. Otherwise, they literally can’t make any money lol. So that’s where setters come in.  All you do is book sales calls for these coaches / course creators / educators. 3) You do that by going inside THEIR social media accounts to send messages to THEIR audience in THEIR voice so they can turn these “booked calls” into sales and turn a profit. The good news is… 4) Setters don’t do ANY selling. That’s the job of the “closers” (aka sales people of the coach).  Again, all you do as a setter is send messages based on proven scripts. 5) Finally, when these calls turn into a sale by a closer (again, that’s not your job) - you make 5 to 10% in commission.  When all is said and done, these commissions add up to a $3-7K/mo in take-home pay for you (all profit). Does this all make sense now? If it does… And if you’re ready to make $3-7K/mo by typing messages on your phone / laptop without ever showing your face or selling anything… Comment “TYPE” and I’ll send your next steps in the DMs. Richard P.S. Look, I honestly feel like setting is the easiest way to make $5K/mo online… THAT SAID, you should know this is NOT a get-rich-quick method and it still takes work.
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It was 7:58 PM when I got the phone call from the police… and I couldn’t believe what had just happened. Someone planted a small explosive device, blasted through my ATM at the local restaurant, and stole everything in it. As the police explained to me, nothing could be done because there were no security cameras. I felt like there was a 15 lb rock sitting in my stomach and felt tears welling up in my eyes. I had borrowed $2,000 from my father - who’d recently JUST lost his job, to buy an ATM machine. I had put another few thousand inside the machine as well. Coupled with the $100K in student debt I was in, I was studying a useless Biology degree at UCLA, and I just lost all my jobless father’s money… I fell on my knees and began sobbing. It was 2018 - and this was my FOURTH failed venture (alongside an ecom dropshipping, agency, and jewelry biz). I was so broke that to pay rent - I was charging scooters at night to keep the lights on (swipe right you’ll see^). And I say all of this with a LOT of humility and compassion - because if you’re struggling - let me tell you, I’ve BEEN there. I desperately prayed to God that night that I needed a Christian mentor I could trust - I was tired of all these gurus, and just wanted to learn from someone who’d be there for me with GOOD values. And that’s when I came across my first mentor, who gave me a job as a “Remote Setter”. All I had to do was type messages in his Instagram account, and book sales calls for his business, and my life changed. My 0K/mo income quickly turned into a 4K check (month 1), then 5.2, then 6K/mo. That setter job helped me grow into a closer and I started making 6-figs. Then, I learned what I needed to - and started my OWN business, which has done over 14M in sales since then. I say all of this because what my mentor did for me - I want to do for you. Setting changed my life - and I’ve now dedicated my life to giving others the opportunity to do the same. So if you’d like to know the fastest way to 3-7K/mo online… Comment “SET” below - and I’ll personally send you a message to see if I can serve you. Your friend, Richard
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Recently I was gifted a $35,000 watch. But here’s why I still prefer my $35 Casio G-Shock Watch… For context, last year my business did just under $10M in sales (35 full time employees). 5 years ago - I was a struggling college student who could barely afford my “1 bedroom, sketchy neighborhood rent”. And my father, back then, gifted me this $35 watch. He said: Richard - I don’t have the ability to buy you a Rolex, but I want to give you this watch because every man needs one. And why I’m giving you THIS watch (G-Shock - for context, US military uses it)... Is because it’s tough, resistant, basically indestructible. And that’s who I want you to be… Because the next few years of your life are going to be extremely hard. School is going to be hard. Work is going to be harder. Business - should you choose to go that direction, will be the hardest. But I want you to always remember - like this watch - as you cling to God, you’re indestructible. Remember this verse: I can do ALL THINGS through Christ who gives me strength” Philippians 4:13. And damn - my dad was so right. Over the next 5 years, I: Failed 4 different businesses. Took on a LOT of student debt. Major heartbreak w. long term girlfriend. Got robbed (story for another time) But by leaning on Him and NEVER giving up… I’ve made it through, and to this day, our business now employs 35 full time, helped over 4,000 students learn how to become financially free… And I’ve worn that watch every step of the way. Today, the watch reminds me to: Never give up. Stay humble. Never forget where you started, where we could only afford a $35 watch. And I want the same for you - that one day - you can share these kinds of stories with your loved ones. So here’s how I can serve you: I founded an online university that teaches others how to create a full time income online, with the skill that changed my life when I got started (remote setting)... So if you need any help, I’d be honored to serve you. DM me “MENTOR” and I’ll respond back to see how I can help you learn this high income skill. Richard
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The laptop lifestyle… Ever heard of it? Believe it or not, it isn’t just an empty pipedream Lambo gurus keep preaching to lure you into their program. More so than ever before in history… In 2023, you can ACTUALLY make a great income online from anywhere in the world while traveling and without setting foot inside an office. How? Simple. 3 words: High income skills. Heck, I’ll make it even simpler for you: 2 words: Remote setting. You can literally work a few hours / day by sending scripted DMs on IG… Take home a solid $4-6K/mo while traveling the world and having adventures you’ll tell to your grandkids one day. The only question is… Are you serious or just an empty dreamer like 99% of society? If you fall into the first group and truly want to live the laptop lifestyle.. DM me the word “REAL” now and I’ll show you how to come up with the funds to make it a reality for you. Richard
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So why did I share this story of Jonah with you? Because I want you to know that God ALWAYS has something amazing planned for you. When I was reeling from failing 4 businesses back-to back… I was overworked, lost, and unsure of my direction in life… But surrendering to God opened up the door to a new path for me. I stumbled upon the opportunity of “Setting” online for my first mentor. 90 days in, I not only made $15,200 by sending copy & paste DMs on Instagram… But this skill led to me learning other crucial remote skills like closing and leading. Fast forward 4 years… I’m now worth $8,000,000 at 25 and following God’s purpose for my life by teaching ordinary people like me how to make an extraordinary income online 🙏 So if you’re at a point where you gotta make a change as well… Consider seeing this as a sign to forge a different path for yourself. So if you’d like to learn how to make a full-time income online without sacrificing your values or faith… DM me “SERVE” and I’ll see how I can serve you today. Richard
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No matter how bad things are, NEVER forget what God has already blessed you with. Because when you fixate on the negative things in life, you will never be happy. And if you’re currently looking for guidance to generate an extra income online… Then here’s how I can help you: I’m currently looking for 6 more people who want to transition to becoming a Remote Setter online and live life on their own terms. DM me the word “SET” and I’ll show how you can get started. Richard
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Hard work alone isn’t enough to be successful. You still need to pair it with the right skills like “Remote Setting:”: It’s what helped over 500+ average 9-5ers to make their first $4,000 online. Want to give Remote Setting a shot? DM me the word “SET” and l’ll show how you can get started. Richard
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Looking back, I wish someone told me to learn high-income skills like Remote Setting as early as possible. So I’d have the option to skip the traditional route and still do well financially. If you’re still reading this… It’s not too late for you to start now. Want to transition to a Remote Setter and make your first $5K online? Click the link in my bio now and let’s see if you make the cut. Richard
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The recession is here. And if you want to safeguard your financial future - The best way would be to learn ONE high-income skill like Remote Setting before it’s too late. I’m currently looking for 5 more people who want to transition to becoming a Remote Setter online by booking appointments for busy CEOS. DM me the word “SETTER” and I’ll show how you can get started. Richard
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If I were to choose a side hustle… I’d go for one that allows me to work from anywhere in the world. And doesn’t require thousands of dollars to start. That’s why I recommend most beginners to master ONE high-income skill like “Remote Setting” first. It’s what helped over 500+ average 9-5ers to make their first $4,000 online. Want to be part of this rising trend? Click the link in my bio now and let’s see if you have what it takes to be a part of our private community. Richard
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Everyone has a different timeline and unique path. It’s important to focus on your own progress, rather than trying to measure yourself against others. Remember: It’s all about YOUR journey. - Your bucket list - Your peace of mind - The joy & fulfillment you get from life - Your monthly income Because let’s face it: Money is the oxygen in our world. And it’s what breathes life into your dreams & goals. In short… If you want to make your first $5,000/mo online in no time and blaze a new path towards a happy, healthy, and wealthy life… Remote Setting will fit you like a glove. DM me “SKILL” and I’ll break down how it works. Richard
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Here’s the cold hard truth: It’s much easier to make an extra 5-10K/m versus cutting down on all your favorite foods & lattes to save a few pennies every month. If you’re a beginner in the make money online space, here’s what I’d recommend: Learn ONE high-income skill like Remote Setting first by working for a successful business owner. All you have to do is send a bunch of scripted messages to get paid. If that’s something that interests you… DM me “4K” and I’ll show you how you can make your first 4K online as a Remote Setter. Rooting for ya, Richard
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