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Here's the truth about YouTube that people won't tell you... If you find a way to capture people's attention, you've already completed 80% of the process. The other 20% is just a matter of content and optimizing it. There's no secret formula... it's a very simple concept. Give people what they want to watch. But if you don't want to record videos yourself or show your face on camera, Click the link in my bio 👉 @razvanpb Click the link in my bio 👉 @razvanpb Click the link in my bio 👉 @razvanpb
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A single upload generated 5 figures in revenue for this channel... And their production cost is probably around $100 (at most) That doesn't mean every video you upload will be a success, but it shows you how much money there is on the table. YouTube made around $7 BILLION in ad revenue during Q3 last year, and about 55% of it went to content creators. If you still haven't started your own YouTube Automation channel, Click the link in my bio 👉 @razvanpb Click the link in my bio 👉 @razvanpb Click the link in my bio 👉 @razvanpb
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It seems like every single day, I'm asked the same question... "What is YouTube Automation?" I'm not going to dive deep into the specifics today, but I wanted to give you guys a breakdown for those who don't know what it is. Essentially, you're taking advantage of the crazy amount of money on YouTube without showing your face or recording any videos. You hire talented scriptwriters, editors, and voice-over artists to do the work for you while you do the critical work upfront, like finding a niche, SEO, and creating the vision for the channel. If done correctly, you can take a channel from 0 subscribers to cash flowing within 6-8 months while being 90-95% passive. This is why I'm doubling down on making more channels myself and continuing to grow the ones I already have. If you want me to do more breakdowns on YouTube Automation strategies, DM me the word "YouTube"
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My parents weren't the biggest supporters of my attempts to make money online. They'd rather see me in college, following the traditional path. And I never blamed them. I totally understand why you wouldn't want your kid to take big risks. But that doesn't mean I won't be forever grateful for what they've done. Now that I've succeeded, I'll make sure to reward them. And it's all thanks to taking advantage of the right opportunity (YouTube Automation). Comment "ME" under this post if you want to start your own cash-cow channel today.
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Instead of watching your savings account slowly get drained by inflation, you can fight against it. And you don't need to quit your job and go all in. You can start an online business from your laptop, delegate all the hard work, and set up an almost-passive income stream. For instance, a YouTube channel can be fully automated and turned into an asset that brings positive cash flow every month. If you want to learn how I did that as a broke Eastern-European kid, Click the link in my bio 👉🏻@razvanpb
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If you're this happy at work, you're definitely doing something right. Because most people wouldn't work a job if they didn't have to pay the bills. At the end of the day, we're all seeking the same thing - freedom. Financial freedom, location freedom, and time freedom. And it seems like you can't have all 3 of them if you're working a full-time job. Maybe you get a good salary, but you have to work long hours. Or maybe you got yourself a remote job where you have location freedom, but you're struggling to save up enough money. If you're motivated to make a change, I'll show you how to set up an online business on YouTube with just 2-3 hours a day of your time. Comment the word "YouTube" below 👇
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Experience is a hell of a leverage... You can either get it through trial amd error, or you can borrow it from a mentor. The truth is... it took me way longer than I wanted before I figured out how YouTube Automation actually works. If I could turn back time, all I would do differently is learn the hard lessons from someone else. That's why I'm on a mission to teach other people make money on YouTube without making their own videos. If you want to claim your spot, Click the link in my bio 👉 @razvanpb
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The 1% prioritize their future. It took me a really long time before I upgraded my lifestyle, even though I was making good money. That's because I wanted to have an asset that could pay for each liability. So instead of popping bottles at the club, I reinvest a good chunk of my profits back into my channels. I get to love life on my terms at 20 years thanks to that decision. Delaying gratification pays off. If you're motivated to get started with YouTube Automation, let me help you out. Comment the word "YouTube" below.
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Comment the word "READY" and I'll show you how to start a remote side and make passive income on YouTube 👇🏻
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You can't change your life overnight - great things take time. But you can start changing your habits so that you can closer and closer to your goal. With YouTube Automation, the sooner you get started, the sooner you see results. So comment the word "READY" below and I'll help you set up your own channel.
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I'm not posting this to brag, because overspending is nothing to brag about. I'm sharing this because my lifestyle is fuelled by my YouTube channels. I'm not paying for the nights out - YouTube is. And they're more than happy to pay anyone who's producing content. Even if you're a regular personal with 0 YouTube experience, you can start a faceless channel and set up an additional income stream. If you wanna learn how it works, message me the word "READY"
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Don't worry, I'm not gonna ask you to start dancing to trending songs. This example simply goes to show how far the creator economy has come. There's an insatiable demand for content, and whoever can supply it, can make a lot of money. If you want to know how I get paid on YouTube for uploading faceless videos I don't create, Click the link in my bio and watch the free training 👉@razvanpb
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