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So many of you guys wanted me to make a video showing your parents why they should get you a Mustang so here it is! I tried me best and wish you the best of luck when sending this to them. 🫡 On a more serious note, the Mustang Mach 1 is an amazing Mustang, it sounds amazing, the 6 speed manual feels amazing when shifting. I haven’t driven a mustang in such a long time and this was a great reminder of how fun a V8 rear wheel drive muscle car is to drive around. . . . #mustang #mach1 #ford #CarReview #firstcar
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3 months ago
Lamborghini really catered to the parents and kids on this one 🫡. The Huracan STO is really an engineering achievement. The single piece carbon fiber front hood and bumper look awesome but also do a lot to save weight. They reduced insulation as well which makes this car way more intense than a “normal” Lamborghini. But Incase you were wondering sgancion means release 🤓 . . . #lamborghini #huracan #sto #firstcar
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2 months ago
Send this video to your parents if they are looking for an old Toyota that is reliable and holds its value REALLY well 🫡. It’s got a bullet proof engine (aka the 2JZ) that made 267 Hp from the factory and has stood the test of time. This was my first time in a Mk4 Supra and it’s actually amazing how simple it is inside (this is slightly modified 😅) but it was done very tastefully by the @throtl team. I’ll definitely be looking for more used car options to recommend in the future 🤓 . . . #toyota #supra #firstcar #mk4
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1 month ago
With great power comes great responsibility 🫡 #IONIQ6 #hyundaipartner #firstcar #ad
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2 days ago
Send this video to your parents to stay safe from the opps 😭 . . . #rezvani #tank #firstcar
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6 days ago
The goal of the Faraday Future FF91 is to combine Rolls Royce luxury with supercar performance. Would you take this over a Tesla Model X? . . . #faradayfuture #tesla #electriccar
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7 days ago
Send this video to your parents cause this car teaches you where the Brake pedal is 🫡 . . . #bentley #bentayga #firstcar
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8 days ago
Send this video to your parents cause everyone loves a baby taco 🥹 🌮 . . . #tacoma #toyota #trd #firstcar
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11 days ago
Would you take a Trailhunter over a TRD Pro?! . . . #toyota #tacoma #trailhunter
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15 days ago
The 2024 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro is my new favorite truck! What do you think of it?! . . . #toyota #tacoma #trdpro #CarReview
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17 days ago
Send this video to your parents because this Koenigsegg spoiler will help slow the car down when your kid hits the brakes 🫡. Never thought I’d say that but seriously this @277.9mph car is a masterpiece of carbon fiber craftsmanship and insane engineering. The fact that a small hypercar manufacturer was the first to put full carbon fiber wheels that on a car and still make them lighter than “regular” carbon fiber wheels you see on other production cars is insane! The design and carbon fiber exposed portions look good and the lighting from the @ancillarystudios definitely does this car justice. It does get very serious when you lift the rear panel which exposes the WIDE tires, suspension components, and 1 Megawatt 5.0L twin turbo V8 Engine (1360 Horsepower). It sounds like thunder when reving it which I was able to experience from inside the driver seat (still can’t believe that happened) opening the doors is also an awesome experience and seeing the unique hinge mechanism rotate and translate the door outwards in one smooth motion really gives it a transformer vibe. Such an amazing car and I hope you all enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed making it! . . . #koenigsegg #agera #firstcar
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21 days ago
Would you take a GMC Canyona AT4X over a Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro? Until the new one comes out this AT4X is impressive. . . . #gmc #canyon #at4x #offroadtruck
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23 days ago