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Photo by @GretchenKayStuart | An intense glance from a grizzly in Grand Teton National Park. This photo was taken from my vehicle window with a long lens and then cropped, so the bear was much farther away than it appears. It’s important to always give wildlife plenty of space. #GrandTetons #GrizzlyBear #YourShotPhotographer
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18 hours ago
Photo by @James.Rushforth | A slightly different take on southern Iceland&#039 ;s Breiðamerkursandur, or Diamond Beach, looks inland rather than out to sea. On this particular day, strong winds resulted in a lot of ice on the beach, creating a wonderfully bleak scene that contrasted nicely with the black ice. #YourShotPhotographer #iceland #diamondbeach #ice
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1 day ago
Photo by @reiko.alice.takahashi | We encountered a group of sperm whales floating in groups on the surface of the sea. They emit a distinctive clicking sound to communicate with each other. Taken under permit. #YourShotPhotographer #spermwhales
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2 days ago
Photo by @ketankhambhatta | A cheetah walks in the Serengeti. #YourShotPhotographer
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3 days ago
Photo by @ivan_lesica | While talking a walk around my neighborhood, I noticed a cicada shell on a blade of grass. I lifted it with my left hand, held it against the sun, and photographed with my right. Forest Hills, New York. SONY HX400V. #YourShotPhotographer #cicada #macro #nature
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4 days ago
Photo by @veronika_k_ko | A competitor from Hungary in the women&#039 ;s javelin throw during the 2022 European Athletics Championships in Munich. To add an artsy touch and emphasize the speed and the full, colorful tribunes, I used a panning technique (moving the camera with the speed of the object at low exposure). #yourshorphotographer #sport #panning #fineratphotography #europeanathleticschampionships22
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4 days ago
Photo by Michel Godimus | A fox rests on the comfortable moss of a tree in a Hokkaido forest. When I took this photo, this pregnant mother was about to give birth to a litter of kits. #YourShotPhotographer #Hokkaido #Fox
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5 days ago
Photo by @neelimaazad | Spooked | My daughter walked toward the birds, hoping to see them up close and wishing to pet at least one. They all flew up as she got close enough to spook the birds—and get spooked. Captured with Nikon D750 and 16-35mm lens. #YourShotPhotographer
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5 days ago
Photo by Julia Wimmerlin @juliawimmerlin | The Longji rice terraces near Guilin, China, are known for their incredible topography. To achieve the best visual effect, I had to get an aerial perspective with my drone. I had an impression of photographing a huge velvet carpet. This image was created during a licensed drone flight and was taken in accordance with local regulations. #YourShotPhotographer
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5 days ago
Photo by @trikansh_sharma | An egret catches a fish during the morning golden hour at Rajaji Tiger Reserve, India. #YourShotPhotographer #birds #behavior #goldenhour #birdsinaction
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6 days ago
Photo by Beth Mancuso @intothewild.wego | The landscape around Jökulsárlón, a glacial lagoon in Iceland, is incredibly beautiful. On this particular day, I got to watch seals swim around the lagoon looking for fish. #yourshotphotograhpher #iceland #exploreiceland
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6 days ago
Photo by Talal al Rabah @talal92 | A baby elephant framed by its mother in Amboseli National Park, Kenya. #YourShotPhotographer
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