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At its flagship boutique location in Bond Street, London, Montblanc draws inspiration from extraordinary literary destinations in its Library Spirit campaign, inviting visitors into its universe of words as a brand rooted in the culture of writing. The Mayfair location allows visitors to discover the latest collection designed by Marco Tomasetta, Meisterstück Selection Soft, along with other key featured products from the London Episode of the campaign. The Library Spirit – Episode: London embraces what makes this city so unique: A union of elegance and unconventionality. #MontblancLibrarySpirit #InspireWriting
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More than a sartorialist or connoisseur, @carlosestini is a visionary who leaves his mark on the world by embodying his true self. #MontblancLibrarySpirit #InspireWriting
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@carlosestini takes his understanding of the world and expresses his individuality through his bold style, inspiring others to do the same. #MontblancLibrarySpirit #InspireWriting
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@carlosestini is an Italian entrepreneur, model, and content creator living in London. We capture his commitment to excellence and impeccable style as he explores London searching for inspiration in classical works of literature. #MontblancLibrarySpirit #InspireWriting
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Inspiring everyday adventures - the Meisterstück Selection Soft 24/7 bag. Crafted with a new, softer leather and designed with versatility in mind. #MontblancLibrarySpirit #InspireWriting
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Books have the power to take us on journeys beyond our wildest imagination. Writing enable us to discover and express our deepest selves. Creative Director @marcotomasetta_dd #MontblancLibrarySpirit #InspireWriting
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Handwriting not only shows what you wish to express, but who you wish to be. The Montblanc Meisterstück Around the World in 80 Days Doué Classique is the companion for self-discovery. #MontblancLibrarySpirit #InspireWriting
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The effortless style of @ponchohd blends with a note of comfort while exploring London. #MontblancLibrarySpirit #InspireWriting
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The spirit of Poncho Herrera inspires others to rise up and give back. His journey as an actor leaves an impressionable mark. #MontblancLibrarySpirit #InspireWriting
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Actor Poncho Herrera stays true to himself in everyday life. In the bustling city of London, we capture his exploration and style through the city. #MontblancLibrarySpirit #InspireWriting
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Write your new adventure. The Meisterstück Around The World in 80 Days Doué Classique . Capturing the magic of many generations, every piece in this collection embodies timeless values of adventure, courage, and curiosity to embody every time you put pen to paper. #MontblancLibrarySpirit #InspireWriting
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A softer touch. The Meisterstück Selection Soft collection, made with a new, softer leather and convenient compartments for those on the move. Designed by Marco Tomasetta. Explore the collection online and in Montblanc boutiques. #MontblancLibrarySpirit #InspireWriting
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