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Finally made my way to Instagram. Let’s see how this goes 🙏
Ushering in the new year with absolute divinity. I had the good fortune of celebrating Param Pujya Pramukh Swami Maharaj’s Shatabdi Mahotsav in Ahmedabad. My experiences there have filled me with immense gratitude for this life and made me pray for better health, wealth, success, and unity to prevail over ALL lives on this planet. Jay Swaminarayan 🙏😇
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1 month ago
Learning to respect one’s roots from the best! Sequoia ne bohot kuch sikhaaya 🙃😇
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4 months ago
We all need a Maldives trip in 2022!! Great opportunity from @cred_club 🙏😇
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10 months ago
You can borrow feelings from songs and films, but when it all happens to you first-hand… that experience is unparalleled. Wishing my little girl, Niyati and the newest entrant to the family, my son, Yashowardhan, the very best and so much more on this amazing journey! Thank you to everyone who shared our happiness by being with us, or by sending their aashirwad and good wishes for the couple. Jay Swaminarayan 🙏🏻😇
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1 year ago
Here’s some cake, for each and everyone of you, for not just taking the time out to wish me, but for also sharing all the lovely clips, artwork and photos. It makes me feel reassured that there is plenty of love left for us to spread. May God give us the strength to emerge out of these dark times soon and make us all receive the love that we all need and deserve. Stay strong everyone, and thanks again! 🙏🏻😇
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1 year ago
Our trio’s broken today. But the memories will always stay with me. Will miss Amit and his wisecracks more than I can say. He was a lovely man, a treat to work with and a delight to watch in action. Never thought I’d be writing something like this for him. May his soul achieve sadgati, and may God give us the strength to cope with such a huge loss.
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1 year ago
Asli mazza ‘JAB’ ke saath aata hai! 💪🏻 My wife and I took our first dose of the Covid vaccine. If you qualify or know someone who qualifies, make sure to get vaccinated or help others along the process. Thank you to the staff at Holy Spirit Hospital for an extremely smooth experience 🙏🏻😊 . . . #vakkchin #vaccine #vaccinessavelives #NaToCorona #JabToBeatCorona
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1 year ago
What goes around comes around! 😬 . . . . #circleoflife #karma #timeflies #tmkoc
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2 years ago
Wondering what 2021’s got in store for us. All good things, I hope 🤞🏻😬 . . . . #hope #newyear #fingerscrossed #goodbye2020
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2 years ago
2020 in a nutshell. Just joking :) Corona ke khilaaf ‘Hum Sab Ek Hai’ . . . . #memories #throwback #sonytv #neelatelefilms #oldschool
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2 years ago
The joy of eating Jalebi-Fafda after nine days of fasting is unparalleled! એ હાલો જયાફત ઉડાવવા! . . . . #happydussehra #jalebifafda #festival #breakfast #sundaymornings
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2 years ago
Superbly well etched tribute to one of the most Classic Cartoonist of all times : Mr. R. K . Laxman ( The Legend ) .
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2 years ago