I'm Lene, I'm a Cosplayer from the Netherlands. Next con: Rincon Profile pic: @orkfotografie
🐺The Witcher🐺 Cirilla of Cintra: @lenedoes Photo made by: @mikeattingerphoto Costume is selfmade Wig: @wigisfashion styled by me ~~~ This photo is soo awesome! It makes me think of a promotion poster 🙈 what do you guys think?
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10 months ago
❤ The Witcher💚 Triss merigold: @lenedoes Photo by: @lauracalandtphoto Dress: @miccostumes.official Wig: @wigisfashionde Acessoires: @datemajeroen painted by me
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9 months ago
🤖Nier:Automata🤖 2B: @lenedoes Photo by: @orkfotografie Costume borrowed from: @satiellacosplay Cosplay: @uwowo.cosplay ~~~ I know darker photos dont really do well on insta, but I love this set. So more 2b!!
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8 months ago
⛓Fantasy⛓ Model: @lenedoes Photo by: @orkfotografie ~~~ This look is giving me Queen of the underworld or Fem Ban, what do you think?
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5 days ago
🌟Genshin Impact: Maid🌟 Rosaria: @sekaicreations Mona: @lenedoes Photo made by: @orkfotografie ~~~ We did 2 shoots at this amazing location are you curious what we also did heree 👀
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7 days ago
🐺The Witcher: Wild Hunt🐺 Triss Merigold: @lenedoes Photo made by: @azproductioncosp Cosplay is self made using the patterns and the diy kit from the amazing @fdcosplaystudio Accessoires printed by: @datemajeroen
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14 days ago
🧝‍♀️Fantasy Elf🧝‍♀️ Model: Lene Photo taken by @mikeattingerphoto Throwback to some old elfia photoa, because this photo is sunny and I miss the sun ♡
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18 days ago
🐺The Witcher: Wild Hunt🐴 Yennefer: @lenedoes Photo made by: @its.satiella Taken at: @bogenwaldlarp
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20 days ago
🐴Attack on Titan💥 Krista: @lenedoes Photo made by: @its.satiella Taken at: @bogenwaldlarp ~~~ Almost time for the new season of Attack on Titans!! Are you excited? I am!
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24 days ago
💪🏻Street Fighter V💪🏻 Chun-Li: @lenedoes Photo made by: @anto_and_the_cosplayers Taken at: @dokomi_expo Cosplay made by me ~~~ Ohh the colors of this shot, I love yhem so much!
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27 days ago
◾Fantasy◾ Model: @lenedoes Photo by: @orkfotografie
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1 month ago
⛓Mortal Kombat 3⛓ Kitana: @lenedoes Photo: @orkfotografie Cosplay made by me
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1 month ago