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Enter the ’players only’ zone with the LEGO PAC-MAN arcade
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19 hours ago
Ever wondered what happens in your LEGO box when you go away? 🎣 📸 🍕 🎥 by @mega_space_fighter 🙌 #LEGO #LEGOMinifigures #Vacation #Staycation
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22 hours ago
Get your next LEGO bricks construction project underway today. 🚧
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1 day ago
New hobby: found 🤳🏼 👭🏝️ The perfect way to… 📸 Take next level photos 🚶‍♂️Motivate kids to go on a walk 🌎 Show your Minifigures the world! #LEGO #LEGOPhotography #ToyPhotography #FamilyFun #KidsActivities
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1 day ago
In just one week the race at Le Mans will begin! While you wait, here’s what the drivers of the #Peugeot9X8 had to say about the LEGO Technic version of their immaculately engineered racecar. @JeanEricVergne #LEGO #24LeMans #PeugeotSport
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1 day ago
Was that..? Actually what was that?! 🦇👀 Discover a world you won't believe in our new LEGO DREAMZzz series. #LEGO #LEGODREAMZzz
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2 days ago
Relive the magic of 1980s video gaming with the new LEGO Icons PAC-MAN Arcade... READY! BUILD! PLAY!
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3 days ago
🚨 BREAKING: Across the world, wild creatures are escaping from portals to the… dream world?! 👀 Discover the new LEGO DREAMZzz series today. #LEGO #LEGODREAMZzz
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3 days ago
Kick off some LEGO fun with four icons of Women’s Football! #PlayUnstoppable #IconsOfPlay
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4 days ago
Girls are an unstoppable force in the world. We're proud to celebrate the world's biggest football players, showcasing what happens when girls play fearlessly and express themselves.  #PlayUnstoppable #LEGO
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5 days ago
Thank you for a great Return of the Jedi 40th celebration. #LEGOStarWars
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5 days ago
Youngest siblings have it made. 😎 #LEGO
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6 days ago