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Award-Winning Keynote Speaker, 2X Bestselling Author, 7 books, fmr Host of a Pod & TV Show, Chief Operating Officer, and Rabble Rouser for Equity.
Finishing up my third event this week and I am definitely feeling a buzzy energy and riding high! Today’s keynote is about being an extraordinary leader and putting your people first. I’ll be speaking from 11:00-12:30 Pacific. Also, this one is open to the public! If you’d like to join this event today, you can register here: /RippleFESTVIP #keynotespeaker #speaker #eventprofs #phoenix #onedropmovement
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6 days ago
I decided to step out and conquer a fear. You may not know that I hate to post pictures of myself, when I’m BY MYSELF. I just hate it… I have to do it for work, but it’s painful. Well, another thing you may not know about me is that I’m a big lover of fashion and design. I spend most of my downtime redesigning spaces or watching #fashion and #styling #trends . I guess it’s my creative outlet. I’ve been encouraged by friends and family to post my outfits of the day and I’ve rejected it for a couple years. Welllll, I finally decided to do it. I’m posting my #OOTD on Threads and leaning into that long-standing fear of posting a picture of myself. Aaaaack!! These images will get better, my game will improve, and I’m sure it’ll look more slick at some point… but for now it’s just me snapping a pic and looking awkward AF. 😂 No fancy brand tags, no expensive out of touch stuff… just me loving fashion and putting stuff on that is on point, current, and hopefully relatable. So, if you want to see what I’m putting together, come on over to #Threads and let’s play! @jenbuckspeaks
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7 days ago
Such a fabulous time in Taos with family this weekend! We got about 8 inches of snow, which meant a fireplace and snuggling in was on the menu— we loved every moment. ♥️ #taos #newmexico #thanksgiving #keynotespeaker #motivationalspeaker
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11 days ago
That time when four bright, well read, educated people had their overconfident a$$es handed to them at an escape room. Holy hell. 60 minutes of utter decimation of the ego, but tons of fun! #escapetheroom #keynotespeaker #speakerlife #speaker #scottsdale
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19 days ago
Thank you ComEd and the Network of Exelon Women for welcoming me today! Curating, tweaking, mastering, and Maximizing Your Personal Brand is necessary if you’re going to plant your flag and leave a mark. They need to know about the magic you bring and the awesome sauce you’re serving… and it’s your job to be fully in control of the narrative. I believe that it’s our time to step into the rooms where the biggest decisions are being made. I believe that it is time for women to right the societal wrongs. I believe it’s YOUR TIME. #keynotespeaker #eventspeaker #womenleading #womenhelpingwomen #personalbranding
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27 days ago
Halloween 2023 is a wrap! Here’s our version of The Birds… everyone under 40 was completely confused. Aaack! Instant ager. 😂🫠 #halloween2023 #halloween #thebirds #alfredhitchcock #phoenix
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1 month ago
Just got done doing a keynote for the WISE women at Ameren! I spoke about the importance of Maximizing Your Personal Brand and I looooved their energy and engagement! What I love most about this topic is that it’s all about making sure that the world knows what a rockstar you are. It’s about strategically amplifying your awesomeness and making sure that everyone understands the magnitude of magic that you bring to the table. Today’s keynote was such a fun one and I packed it with nuggets that I know will change their professional trajectory. Thank you WISE women for bringing me into the fold and thank you Deia at @thespeakerexchangellc for making it happen! ♥️ #keynotespeaker #speaker #phoenix #personalbranding #thespeakerexchange
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1 month ago
On this 2023 Day of Service, we had so much fun leading a group of 70 women in their service project! These women created hygiene kits for families who are traveling through Phoenix along their asylum journey. These families are officially documented by ICE and have lost almost everything. We give them hygiene kits, backpacks, toys for the kids, and access to healthcare through a donation. These fantastic women knocked it out of the park and created 1,000 kits for these families! #dayofservice #onehundredangels #nonprofit #dogood #bethegood #phoenix
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2 months ago
Happy *belated* Anniversary to my love, John Harper! We spent the day making hygiene kits for our asylum-seeking friends with @onehundredangels and then went out for a sushi dinner to celebrate our journey together. This wonderful human has had my heart since I was 12… here’s to 50 more years together. ♥️ #love #keynotespeaker #speaker #phoenix
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3 months ago
So much fun meeting up with my friend @mamachellecooper and her love #DaveWakeling at the #EnglishBeat concert last night! They absolutely killed it and Dave’s voice is as pure as ever. I’m feeling every muscle from dancing nonstop! Thank you both for an incredible concert and the gift of the tickets! We loved being with you! #phoenix #scottsdale #mim
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3 months ago
Last night we had a fabulous evening with Silvia and John at the @gipsykingsofficial concert! They were phenomenal and it was pure joy! Mind blowing talent! #phoenix #phx #arizona #gipsykings
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4 months ago
Happy Birthday to our beautiful girl @mirandaharperphoto ! You light up every room you enter and we are so proud to see the amazing woman you have become. I love you more than I can say and I’m grateful for you every day. ♥️
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4 months ago