Inspired by the Impossible
Round and round they go, spinning inside the glasshouse of Fleurs de Jardin. A mother of pearl background and baguette diamonds enhance the dance of colorful sapphires, in the shape of flowers. Link in bio. #JacobAndCo #InspiredByTheImpossible
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1 day ago
Fleurs de Jardin Rainbow features a total of 11 flowers orbiting along with the incredible Jacob & Co. movement. They're all made of several sapphires, none of which have the exact same color. They're assembled and set on a yellow gold structure that holds these magnificent petals. Link in bio. #JacobAndCo #InspiredByTheImpossible
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1 day ago
Sapphire life. The Fleurs de Jardin Rainbow harbors 11 flowers on 4 levels. All of them are made with gems. White diamonds for a few of their petals, but mostly, an incredible variety of sapphires. A palette of colors Jacob & Co. has turned into horological art. Link in bio. #JacobAndCo #InspiredByTheImpossible
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1 day ago
Highly flammable. The Oil Pump Black is hot and it comes with a warning. The double tourbillon and derrick automaton timepiece is a rare sight and it will inflame the imagination of anyone who gazes upon it. Link in bio. #JacobAndCo #InspiredByTheImpossible
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2 days ago
Putting on a well-oiled show. The Oil Pump Black is a black DLC titanium timepiece housing a double-axis tourbillon and an on-demand pumpjack automaton. Together with a drilling rig setup, they make for quite the spectacle.  Link in bio. #JacobAndCo #InspiredByTheImpossible
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2 days ago
Pumping. As long as you want it to, the Oil Pump Black automaton will run. Once you've pressed the pusher at 2 o'clock, the pump-jacks move up and down, a unique feature for a peerless Jacob & Co. timepiece. Link in bio. #JacobAndCo #InspiredByTheImpossible
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2 days ago
Warm tones. Rose gold is richer in color than yellow gold. It's Jacob&Co's alloy of choice and the Epic X benefits from its unique radiance. Whether polished or matte, whether smooth or engraved with a pattern, it elevates the Epic X to a higher luxury status. Link in bio. #JacobAndCo #InspiredByTheImpossible
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3 days ago
Depth and shapes. The Rose Gold Epic X is all about volumes. The 3D contour of the bracelet links. The pattern on the dial. The various levels of the openwork movement. They will catch your eye and won't let go. Link in bio. #JacobAndCo #InspiredByTheImpossible
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3 days ago
Enjoy the luxurious appeal of rose gold. The Epic X, its case, its dial and its specific bracelet are alive with the warm glow of this particular type of gold. Link in bio. #JacobAndCo #InspiredByTheImpossible
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3 days ago
Precious time, precious sound. The Opera Godfather Minute Repeater is a doubly elaborate evolution of the original Opera Godfather timepiece. On top of its minute repeater, which tells time by chiming, its two functional music-box cylinders are entirely set with diamonds. Link in bio. #JacobAndCo #InspiredByTheImpossible #Godfather
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4 days ago
Bull’s eye. Unlike all other Opera Godfather timepieces, the Opera Godfather Minute Repeater has a central dial. Shaped like a cross-hair, surrounded by bullet-shaped hour markers, it’s a truthful reminder of The Godfather’s storyline.  Link in bio. #JacobAndCo #InspiredByTheImpossible #Godfather
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4 days ago
Aiming high. The Opera Godfather Minute Repeater outdoes the Opera Godfather. It adds a minute repeater to the original music-box function. And it adds a symbolic element by using bullets as hour markers on the central dial.  Link in bio. #JacobAndCo #InspiredByTheImpossible #Godfather
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