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This is a space for all those who create ✨ Author. Journaller. Book Doula. Creativity Coach. Podcast: @unpublished.podcast with @jimmywinestock
Gentle. Brutal. Reminders. Love Amie.
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Thank you for holding me gently and witnessing me process this part of my life. Amie.
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I am so proud of us.
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these things can of course help the artist. But they are not your guaranteed ticket to being a successful creative. They are not your permission slip to create. Art is not just for the rich. It’s not just for the connected. It is not just for the “qualified”. If you are called to create, art is YOURS. Claim it. You can create and make art right now without any of these things and find incredible meaning and wild amounts of connection.
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There are no big moves to make. None. You don’t have to do anything drastic, draining, overwhelming. There is only the next tiny tiny step. Amie
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Some promises. Some testimonials. Some love. All love really. Collective closes tonight ❤️ Amie.
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The Inspired Collective closes for enrollment tomorrow. The IC is a creative community, enrolment opens twice a year. There are four classes per month, two masterclasses and two create sessions, where we just sit and make stuff together. The masterclasses will be looking at the topics discussed in this post. The membership costs 160 USD for six months, that&#039 ;s 6 dollars per class. There is a financial hardship policy if you need it. You have access over 60 previous masterclasses, as both videos or podcasts. The classes have alternate times and suite nearly EVERYONE in the world at some point! But if you cant&#039 ; make it live, you recieve the recording and journaling prompts after class. This is the only way to work with me as a creativity coach. This community is my family. Once you become a part of it, i am here to back you and your art until we go back to the stars. I am taking your journey so very seriously. With all my love, Amie (and James!)
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It upsets me, every time this interaction takes place, but then I remember that I am part of a creative revolution that doesn’t require permission slips. A Two days until the collective closes. #amwriting #writerscommunity #poetsofinstagram #writersofinstagram #womenscommunity #writers #inspiredtowrite #amiemcnee #writersofig #creativewriting #poetsofig #art #creativity #creativitycoach #morningpages #journalling #artistsofinstagram #creativity
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Please make useless art. It’s the best. It is important. It is valuable. Big discussions around this happened in the Inspired collective last night. This feeling that we owe our audience useful creations is rife and it holds us back from true expression. I personally feel this a lot; if my words aren’t packaged as an easy, useful takeaway, they aren’t worth sharing. It is a lie that keeps me small. Art is not here to be useful. Art isn’t here to be neat, convenient, consumable or self help. Let your art just be. It is perfect as it is. Amie P.S The inspired collective is open for enrolment for 3 more days! #amwriting #writerscommunity #poetsofinstagram #writersofinstagram #womenscommunity #writers #inspiredtowrite #amiemcnee #writersofig #creativewriting #poetsofig #art #creativity #creativitycoach #morningpages #journalling #artistsofinstagram #creativity
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