Luke Jacobson on @shehulkofficial • Shane Evans on @flightattendantonmax • Daddy on the daily: 🧑🏽‍🦱👦🏻
The chickens are getting pissed. #wgastrong #dothewritething
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4 months ago
I went to the most magical British wedding in a castle and ran straight to the field to get a pic with the cows IYKYK! Could not be happier for @joshuakanebespoke & @lottiekane_ THE MOST STUNNING COUPLE inside & out. Josh is the genius designer behind all of my @shehulkofficial looks and this stunning pink velvet. He is a dream. She is a dream. The castle & cows are mine. 🇬🇧🏰💞
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11 months ago
LUKE + EDNA = 🦹🏾‍♂️💚🦹🏻 Love to my @shehulkofficial fam! I promise to dress you down…from now until forever! But NO CAPES. Never. Any. Capes.
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1 year ago
When @griffinsthread and @abigailspencer went to San Francisco to stay at @fairmontsanfrancisco for the weekend it went a little something like this…👯‍♀️
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8 days ago
V-day Rom Com IS NOW LIVE on @netflix 💞 #yourplaceormine Answers to FAQ: 1. Reese is a dream. 2. Ashton is a Zaddy. 3. Zoe is one of the best we’ve got. 4. Jesse is 🆘 5. Tig is Tig. 6. Vella & I stormed the mens room bc the line for the women’s is entirely too long. 🚽 7. If you don’t want your shirt to wrinkle before you arrive…take it off. @abmck could not love you more thank you for putting me in this 💎 Hair: @artur_tl8v Grooming: @facesrmycanvas Fit: @gucci @kingandtuckfield
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7 months ago
The gay farm chicken content you need! Make a plan. Buy some chickens. And V O T E. 🗳🐓🏳️‍🌈 @yourfellowamericans 🇺🇸
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“OH MY GOD! Is the hag convention in town?” This is why I love the hell out of Luke. All episodes of @shehulkofficial are now airing on @disneyplus 🪡💚🪡
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11 months ago
F*CK CANCER. Appropriately named org that encourages early detection. It saved the life of my dear friend and @flightattendantonmax co-star @albertofrezza during the filming of season 1 💗 Last photo: the day that cancer-free Alberto came on a hike to meet my new pandemic baby. 💕⛰ Suit: custom made in 🇺🇬 Hat: @bagtazo 💜 Event organizers & legends: @gberlanti @letsfcancer 💕
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11 months ago
A wild weekend. New hair. Old friends. ✂️💈🖤🛥🐆
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1 year ago
The way I have dreamed of standing in a cast pic like this…🤯. Last night was my Hollywood mint chocolate chip watermelon sugar high “Beyoncé cozy in my skin” dream come true! Cannot wait for you to see us misbehave all over the MCU!💚🍉🍦🍪 @shehulkofficial Thursday 8/18 on @disneyplus 💚! Suit: @joshuakanebespoke Shoes: @gucci Jewels: @joshuakanebespoke Pearls: @theboveda Grooming: @facesrmycanvas Cut: @artur_tl8v
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Galileo only cared about popping the balloons. Daddy cared about the fact that THE WORLD HAS CHANGED. This night is only possible because of endless marches, petitions, activists, and allies over the course of history. Thank god for them…patience & persistence and here we are: 🏳️‍⚧️💙🏳️‍🌈 An incredible #pride night.
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