a few favorites of the latest @newbalance campaign we did at @bstnstore - shot on the trusty rz67 directed @filipgorski produced @marcotarara styling @marcohalbinger location & catering @inmotion_studios
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1 year ago
munich summer snaps 🫰
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1 month ago
a day at tegernsee 🤠
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1 month ago
friday evening 💆‍♂️
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1 month ago
the amazing @roob_mood in @canadagoose styling by @anniejosy via @tigers_mgmt
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8 months ago
this is not real - i have been experimenting with text to image based AI for a couple of days. i thought it would be interesting to see, what the AI comes up with if i ask it to generate pictures for an ongoing personal project of mine. the goal was to create „real“ looking images that might as well been photographed and take a while to figure out, that they are actually generated. really stoked to see what will be possible in the future. #midjourney #close
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8 months ago
last summer on the côte d‘azur 🥹
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9 months ago
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10 months ago
content production @bstnstore @stoneisland_official
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10 months ago