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A new episode of #fdrf is available wherever you get your podcasts.
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11 days ago
A lot of bumps and bumps, movement without motivation etc etc in this one but… it’s practice and there are a few good moments. Stop motion is life!!! #stopmotionanimation #hobby #aardmanacademy like if you like
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12 days ago
I know it feels very familiar but there’s more!! (Freestyle stop motion animation) Like if you like. #aardmanacademy #stopmotion2 #barbie #stopmotionanimation #backtothefuture
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16 days ago
Freestyle (zero planning) animation using a #backtothefuture audio clip. Feels a bit cartoonish… but it was fun to play where the word sounds and movement dictate your next push/pull. #aardmanacademy #barbie #stopmotionanimation
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17 days ago
And we’re baaaaaaaaaaaaack!!! an all new Fake Doctors Real Friends #FDRF is available wherever you get your podcasts. 📷: @caceecobb
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18 days ago
I think this captures most days!! But not today!! Happy Mother’s Day @caceecobb we love you 8 sideways!
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20 days ago
Practice makes more practice. #stopmotionanimation #stopmotion #gijoe #aardmanacademy
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27 days ago
Fake Doctors Real Friends is doing it live in Seattle on June 10th. Join us for a live recap of the musical episode at The Moore Theater. Doors open at 7 PM. Wear your onesies, bring your bestie, and ask your burning questions. This is the only live show currently scheduled. Don’t miss out. Tickets are on sale now at the link in my bio.
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1 month ago
My world in black and white… 📷: @abigailspencer
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1 month ago
Got some more of that Work… So Fresh and So Clean… Also no filter but my camera does have a smudge on its lens. #worksforme
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1 month ago
Happy Easter from our family to yours.
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1 month ago
Things got a little out of hand and I did something unexpected for your birthday buddy…👀 Happy Birthday my Handsome, single, wise, smart AF, creative (did I say handsome and single?) BF. I love you like Han and Chewie with a whole lot of Lando. I’m soooooo so grateful you’re in my life. P.S. I didn’t get a tattoo of us.
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1 month ago