Clement Daniel Clemensen


Think I may subscribe to Starz now #powerghost #powerbook2
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4 months ago
Power Book 2:Ghost S3 ep4
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5 months ago
G money minor whiz
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8 months ago
Co-writer: Peter Alford.
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9 months ago
So awesome to be a part of this. Cast and crew delightful. Airs March 17th.
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9 months ago
Piano out of tune
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10 months ago
I do love the EDM but it&#039 ;s highly technical and tedious. Here I utilize all of my music training. "In A While"
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10 months ago
Of the many songs I&#039 ;ve written and recorded this took the longest to finish. Hundreds of hours.
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10 months ago
The face I make when I can&#039 ;t ride any of these motorcycles, although I&#039 ;d make the same face if I could #sag #sagaftra #onset #powerghost #powerghostbook2
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1 year ago
Sail on silver girl Sail on by Your time has come to shine
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1 year ago
Wet down the alley for a night shoot.
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1 year ago