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Cristiano Ronaldo vs the lie detector is now live! Find the link in our stories or head to the Binance Youtube channel. Make sure you watch until the end.
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Merhaba Türkiye! 🇹🇷 Later this year we’re taking Istanbul into the future. Join us for the ride at #BinanceBlockchainWeek in November. 🎥 @jetlagvfx
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Design Pierre’s helmet for Abu Dhabi! Pierre will wear the winning design all weekend. We’re excited to see what you come up with! More information in our stories. #GASLYxBinance
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Packed only the essentials: My laptop 🤓
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Kinda ruined the day tbh 😏
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A #Binance bottle spotted in the wild. 📸 @v4niko
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CR7 has more than 800 career goals. But which was the best?
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A lot goes into the design of a Formula 1 driver’s helmet. Don’t believe us? Here’s @pierregasly to explain!
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Fact: You can tweet gm 100x faster with this keyboard. Source: I made it up
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$100 or 1 #Bitcoin 🤔 An easy decision?
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Haven’t watched @cristiano Ronaldo take on the lie detector test yet? Watch the full video on Binance Youtube.
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