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thoughts about thots narrative director 🇯🇵🇮🇳🇺🇸
December break in a nutshell felt cute probs will delete later
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1 month ago
visual representation of me trying to get my life together 🥲🤨
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1 month ago
@claybxy Dylan getting a tattoo done. First thing I did after being back in LA after 3 years.
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2 months ago
Dodo diary pt.1: old grandma came up to me on her bike yesterday. We looked at each other for 5 seconds. Then finally she built up the courage to say “その上着めちゃ可愛い!(your hoodie is so cute) I smiled, nodded, and said thank you. She smiled back, some other random old lady watched this entire interaction between us. The grandma got really shy and self conscious then scurried off on her bike. Last pic is my reaction as she slipped away
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4 months ago
sum more hands from DLB by me creative direction @matheusvanity Assisted by @kellyeunh_ cast @saksaksaksack @sai_man_saysDP @ali.yokota 1st AC @hirokik_ 2nd AC @ryota_mihirogi Gaffer @julio.koshiishi Hair @ryo___newwave Wardrobe styling, Makeup and Nails @aishonakajima Skin prep @yukasuetsugu1101 (Partir Shibuya) Blood dress @gentatokyo Styling -@matheusvanity for USAK, Sai Styling assistant @kellyeunh_ Post - @matheusvanity
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7 months ago
barrio pics con @edgarmateus :) /// really miss living in LA, miss the sun on my skin, miss dressing the way I want to, and miss my friends. Love and light to everyone that held it down for me I can’t wait to move back
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9 months ago
Directed/ wrote/ photographed this visual story “どうでもいい話“ meaning small talk/ hearing someone talk about something you don’t necessarily care about. I wrote this thinking about highschool girls who are sexualized by older men, thinking about my own experiences of being hit on from the age of 12. If I could go back in time and exploit the dudes that did me dirty- what would I do? If we already live in a chaotic world where women are constantly sexualized- does it or does it not make sense for women to profit of of that? To what extent? At what cost? << thank you to this incredible team for letting me bring this story to fruition >> ———————————- Exploring themes of exploitation, boredom and power dynamics, “Doudemo ii Hanashi” tells the story of three delinquent girls who decide to turn the tables on the creepy men in their lives. Through various scams, tricks and a “devil-may-care attitude, the girls turn the covetous eyes of these men into their own private playground. Director @ameya.mp4 Starring @kinahknight @ayumiisabel @dialbformurder Producer @samo_tky_ Makeup @kanako_makeup Stylist @domsyn Nails @s1cknails
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10 months ago
Recent directing work for @google finding pride :) our doc features @wakabayashi.yuma a young transman who talks about the difficulty in finding mens clothes that fit his body and @keuzes_official a suits tailoring company that specifically caters to queer ppl in creating Genderless suits. vvv grateful to have made a meaningful project during these really crazy times. Also I’m really happy to add to the content of trans men as there really really is not a lot. Much love to the team that also made this happen directed by @ameya.mp4 DOP @shota_gurus (day 1) and Keisuke Sato (day 2) 1st AC Frank Miura Production @mtmelvil Exec producer @airi.okam.yam Producer @momoko_nishi Line producer / translator 1: @hanastashya Translator 2 @ameya.mp4 Stills from @uncomy Sound Recordist - Kohiji Nakajima Equipment
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1 year ago
Sum Behind the scenes photos dump of @whiteliesmag shoot while I was an onset producer :) スタッフクレジット: Photography Hanayo @hanapooo Model Tenko @tenkotranslates Styling Shotaro Yamaguchi @sh0tar0y Make-up Yuka Hirac @yuka_hirac Hair Hayate Maeda @hayatemaeda Styling assistants Daichi Hatsuzawa and Mizuki Hirano @d.hatsuzawa  @7sajpn Make-up assistant Ayaka Kazama @beri199   Onset production Ameya @ameya.mp4 Editorial direction and interview Makoto Kikuchi @0127mako
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1 year ago
“I wanna kiss her the way they do in movies” // outtake ft @sodskalena
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1 year ago
Happy Halloween from when I was bad jasmine <but also a photographer/DA) (circa. 2019 since I haven’t gone out in 2 years lol)
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1 year ago
never let me go by @aki_ella_ out now on all streaming platforms Produced by @samonkawamura Directed by @ameya.mp4 (ya girl lol) Edited by @irisfusyu & Jane Couples featured: @ousmane_the1st & @miwaxy @lokf29 & @akoavotako @derekpeco & @mcreab_ @daisy_steiner & @emsisiht_arya // probably one of the cutest projects that I’ve worked on this year. Aki and I wanted a video with multiple couples and to shoot it on 8mm. A cute autumn song that people could listen to with their loved ones just as the seasons change//
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1 year ago