2 months ago
꼭 살아서 다시 만나요 이윤씨.. #도적 _칼의소리 @netflixkr
We need season 2!! 😩
1 month ago
Want more pics with leeyoon 🥲
1 month ago
1 month ago
이 사람들 왜 이렇게 귀엽나요 도적배우들 다 극호호호호!!!❤️❤️
1 month ago
@seojuhyun_s I hope to see you as a famous actress. The problem is that you work hard but don't achieve results. Why ??? bcz the director changes the script or reduces your scenes, as is the case in the last two works. You filmed for a year and in the end you had nine scenes.
1 month ago
😍 bb 'bl'
12 days ago
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