2 months ago
I’m fostering this dog, Bruno, (although I want to name him Gary but I’m not allowed to change his name), through @barknbitches … he is a pit bull/husky mix. About 1 year old. He is… the sweetest. This dog clearly had a home and was trained, and for some reason he was dropped off at the shelter and barely made it out. I saw him and thought, “he’s huge!”, but he’s so quiet and polite sometimes I forget he’s here as he sleeps on the kitchen rug. He is so kind and gentle, loving, sleeps through the night, is great with dogs and kids, (not cat tested but in my non-expert opinion I think he’d be fine), and walks amazing on a leash. I had a dog bark at him on a walk and he didn’t even flinch or pull, nor did he bark back. He plays fetch, and I gave him a shower last night and he didn’t complain once. If you are looking to adopt, please reach out to @barknbitches to schedule a meet and send in an application.
22 days ago
🐕 ❤ ...
21 days ago
Nice name 😬
19 days ago
Que te dé besitos!!!!❤️❤️
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13 days ago
Beautiful puppy ❤️❤️❤️
11 days ago
❤️ i love it❤️
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6 days ago
Bruno is a fantastic name and suits him.
11 hours ago