2 months ago
If I could be a muppet, let me be made of this glorious salmon pink fluff. @paulandrew 🧡💗 @huishanzhang @mindhamfinejewelleryofficial @cabinebynicholasmellamphy @graceleebeauty
U inspired me professionally Donna😍
1 month ago
Hair YES! Dress YES! Shoes naaaaa
29 days ago
29 days ago
When in doubt, harness your inner Donna👏😍🔥🔥🙌
29 days ago
Uma gracinha 🥰
28 days ago
I'm a Brazilian fan who just watched the 9th season. I have to use Google Translate to talk to you lol
18 days ago
You little terrorists
15 days ago
Maravilhosa é pouco! ❤️
3 days ago
Bella mujer ❤️
3 days ago