2 months ago
It is always a solemn moment to bid farewell to Ayyam E Aza. The exceptional hospitality extended during these days serves as a source of inspiration for all Azadar, propelling us to dedicate and motivate ourselves throughout the year. We live for this. May Ahlulbayt, AS accept the condolences and unwavering efforts of all believers during this Ayyam. 🤲🏻 “Baache Tou Agley Baras Hum Hain Aur Ye Ghum Hain, Jo Chal Baase Tou Humara Salam E Akhir Hai Maula ع” #8thRabiUlAwal #muharram
السلام عليك يا اباعبد الله الحسین علیہ اسلام ❤️
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Dua karain mola hamay bhi bulain ❤️
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Exactly MashAllah
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Ya Mola Hussain 🤲
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mashallah proud of u ❤️dear bro
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Mashallah ❤️
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Ma sha Allah x❤️
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