3 months ago
Grateful for my friend Christine who knew this is just what I needed today. Gonna leave it here. Let me know if you needed it too. ❤️
I so needed this! Just lost our Momma last year to this god awful disease. This is beautiful 🙏💕🤗
1 month ago
That bucket story was dope
1 month ago
1 month ago
Oh my gosh… I lost my mom to ALZ and this just choked me up. Thank you. ❤️
1 month ago
❤️ poignant message. also, I just found Suits and you are brilliant! But it’s bullshit knowing you’re not benefitting from the residuals. #sagaftrastrong
18 days ago
13 days ago
Love this man. ❤️
11 days ago
I think we all could use this💕ty for sharing!
9 days ago
Powerful ❤️
8 days ago
😢😢😢😍😍😍 beautiful 😢❤️
5 days ago