« And she loved a boy very, very much- even more than she loved herself. » Shel Silverstein. Becoming your mother has been the greatest adventure & the wildest ride. Heart-expansion-overload. Happy Mother’s Day to all, in all the ways. #mothersday
What a lucky boy to have such a loving mother
14 days ago
We’ve got to meet up in Ventura at some point. 🙌
14 days ago
Great post!❤️
14 days ago
Both wonderful
14 days ago
As he gets older, you seem to get to get younger.
13 days ago
You are truly blessed to have an amazing son. Hug him as often as you can. I lost my precious boy at 13.
11 days ago
Gorgeous post
10 days ago
I love this!!
8 days ago
Why does he look so much like prince in the 4th photo
5 days ago
You can’t switch up the rules… yes you can little man. Well done momma
4 days ago