19 days ago
While traveling from Najaf to Karbala, I heard a very young kid’s voice directed towards me. At first, amidst the massive crowd, I couldn&#039 ;t spot him, and he went unnoticed. But then, I looked down, and there he stood. I wish I could share MY point of view with all of you. With his tiny arms outstretched towards me in the air, desperately trying to get my attention and wearing a massive smile on his face, he was offering me food in the name of Aba Abdillah ع. Subhanallah! 🤲🏻 Here&#039 ;s a glimpse of that beautiful moment when I lowered myself to accept his heartfelt offering. May Allah SWT protect and bless all the servants of Imam Hussain ع, keeping them safe and healthy ❤️ #arbaeenwalk #2023 #imamhussain #mashallah
Oman mein bhi aain plzz
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Mashallah salamat raho alijee bhai❤️🙌🏻
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Mashallah salamat rahein bhaiyaa🥹🫀💖🫶🏻 Khush rakhein mola apko hameshaaa💖🫶🏻😭@syedalijee
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Hayeee shehzade..... So sweet 💕🙈
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Mashallah ❤️
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Zawaar karbala ka hmhay bi banaye😢
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