24 days ago
Are u guys ready to enjoy my party~?💋 2023.10.07 PM 06:00 장소: 유니버설 아트센터 티켓 예매처: 인터파크 티켓(추후 상세페이지 오픈) 티켓 예매: 2023.09.07 (목) 8PM~ #서현 #SHe _is_SHhh #SEOHYUN
Vietnam is waiting for uuuuu
14 days ago
Please consider Philippines ❤️❤️
14 days ago
Japan ❤️❤️❤️please come to Japan🙌🙌🙌Tokyo and Osaka!
11 days ago
日本にも来て欲しいです! 予定が埋まらないうちに😂
8 days ago
Eonni @seojuhyun_s and eonni @sooyoungchoi please come to jakarta indonesia..💓💓🇲🇨🤗
8 days ago
come to Hongkong😢please
6 days ago
Milky Way in the FM setlist, please!
5 days ago
4 days ago
&#039 ;Aimons-nous
1 day ago