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Ali Jee


Alhumdulilah! Doing what’s best in the world.
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Never settle for average, push for the best.
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6 일 전
23rd Birthday! Alhumdulilah! #23
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23 일 전
Shukr Alhumdulilah for a great 2022. Looking forward to 2023. Bismillah! #2023
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26 일 전
Zehra sa Ki Dua, Abbas as Ho Tum! #ayyamefatimiyah
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30 일 전
Bright day.
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1 개월 전
Nature deserves admiration. 📍Kashan, Iran.
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2 개월 전
Final at MCG! #PakistanZindabaad
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2 개월 전
4th Year: Survived! #alhumdullilah
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2 개월 전
Semi Final at Sydney Cricket Ground! #PakistanZindabaad 🇵🇰💚
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2 개월 전
What an atmosphere at SCG! #pakvsa
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2 개월 전
Abundance of Duas and Blessings for my Baba, Nadeem Sarwar! 🤲🏻 I have never seen such devotion, time, effort and focus that this man puts into his work. May Allah swt and Ahlulbayt ع give him good health and long life so that he can continue to do the things he values the most and committed his life to, serving Ahlulbayt ع along with promoting peace and unity among the people. Ameen! ❤️ #nadeemsarwar #goat
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Celebrated Eid E Zehraس Yesterday. I hope you guys had an amazing day too! ❤️ #eidezehra
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