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Cristiano Ronaldo


Muito feliz por voltar à nossa seleção e poder representar novamente Portugal!🇵🇹🙌🏼
8.9m 63.3k
2 hari yang lalu
15.3m 178k
3 hari yang lalu
Great to get the win and so happy to score here in our stadium with our fans!💪🏼 💛💙
12.7m 103k
5 hari yang lalu
Good victory team! We move on to the semi-finals!💪🏼 💛💙
5.4m 40.6k
9 hari yang lalu
Focus on the outcome not the obstacles!
9.0m 72.6k
12 hari yang lalu
Disappointed with the result, but we stay focused on our season and the games ahead.💪🏼 Thank you Al Nassr fans for your support, we know we can count on you!🙌🏼💛💙
6.1m 45.9k
14 hari yang lalu
9.8m 64.3k
16 hari yang lalu
#Theragun has been a constant in my training. No matter where the game takes me, my @therabody recovery routine stays the same so I can #KeepMoving with intention and precision.
4.8m 38.2k
17 hari yang lalu
Happy to win the February Player of the month award for the Roshn Saudi League. Hopefully the 1st of many! Proud to be part of this team @alnassr_fc 💙💛
7.4m 65.0k
19 hari yang lalu
Always believe until the end! Vamos!!💪🏼💛💙
8.1m 42.7k
20 hari yang lalu
8.2m 92.8k
23 hari yang lalu
Special night ⚽️⚽️⚽️ Well done guys!💛💙
14.7m 131k
26 hari yang lalu