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Shin Sae kyeong /@___sjkuksee
In a tribute to the celebrated jewelry craftsmanship of #RogerVivier’s artisans, @Sjkuksee brings a delightful, personal touch to the #RVSS23 Virgule pump: a rhinestone-encrusted cube, enhancing the strap of the shoe, as well as the whole silhouette. #RogerVivier  #GherardoFelloni Discover the collection through link in bio or visit your nearest Roger Vivier boutique.
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❤️🎁4주년 @banilaco_official 🎀❤️
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크리스마스 케이크 3종 만드는 브이로구 방금 올렸어요🌝💛 링크는 프로필에, 스토리에 있습니당🎄 메리 크리스마스✨❤️
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사진 넘 좋아서 피드에 기록하기🌝 ⠀ 📷by @_shimynam
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It was a freezing cold day on set but thanks to all of you everyone was able to enjoy a moment of warmth..💛 So grateful for your support, international fans!🥹
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#광고 #ad@rogervivier ❤️ @gherardofelloni ✨ ⠀ 로저비비에와 함께 눈부신 홀리데이 맞이하기 ❤️✨ ⠀
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랑이일까 국이일까 (정답:신진국💛 사랑이 닮게 나왔죠..? 사진이..😌)
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잘 먹었습니다💛 히히 자랑피드✨🌝 @dlwlrma 💎✨
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짧게 다녀온 파리 출장 브이로그가 업로드 되었습니당💛 링크는 프로필에 있어요! Link in bio 🌝✨
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