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Abigail Spencer


Actress, producer, writer, creative director, entrepreneur, florista, travelista. Founder: @countylineflorals #youreeasytolove
bisou. nice to meet you.💋 📸 @claytonhawkins
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« And she loved a boy very, very much- even more than she loved herself. » Shel Silverstein. Becoming your mother has been the greatest adventure & the wildest ride. Heart-expansion-overload. Happy Mother’s Day to all, in all the ways. #mothersday
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Night before… #Oscars 💚. 📸 @claytonhawkins #mptf
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GIMME GIMME GIMME another European summer 😍 Thanks for joining me on this adventure ✈️ Where do you guys want to come along with me next?
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A very @claytonhawkins autumnal hairs tribute. All hair & 📸 by @claytonhawkins m/up @bethanymccarty hair color @traceycunningham1 Which one is your favorite!? 🍂
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15th bday weekend extravaganza recap! 🛼🍣🏄‍♂️🎢 👻!
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On “the land” @hmerrick Happy Anniversary Heidi & Johnny. Love yous. 🤍🖤🤍.
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Betty does the ‘Bu! Follow along tomorrow, Saturday September 23rd for fresh bouquets!☀️ Stop One: Malibu Country Mart 11am - 1pm Stop Two: The Little Beach House Malibu 1pm - 3pm Swing by and have our Floristas serve up a fresh bouquet brew. Say « You’re Easy to Love » with Saturday’s select stems. @countylineflorals @sohohouse #littlebeachhouse 📸 @paperantler
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Happy place. 🏜️♌️✨.
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My kinda party. ✨
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8:47 am this day 15 years ago my life changed forever. I fell into unconditional love & the deepest journey of life. Honored your soul chose me to be your mother, Roman. Love you so… to the moon & back. Find what you love & make a whole life out of it. #HappyBirthdayRoman 🎈
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A golden weekend at @solageauberge @aubergeresorts Thank you for being the perfect place to land! 🦅
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